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SNS Powder: Newest Nail Enhancement or Simply Acrylic?

Hello again beauties!

I had a post request from a reader a little while back to shed some light on the “newest” and “best” nail enhancement she’s been hearing about, SNS powder. She also was unsure how it stacked up against acrylics and gels and what the difference was. So today I wanted to let you guys in on what this new trend ACTUALLY is and hopefully you can have a better understanding of what you’re actually getting when you walk into the nail salon. Is it really innovative nail technology? Is it better for me than acrylic and gel? Let’s learn the real facts!

So what does the SNS system mean?

SNS actually stands for Signature Nail System which is just the name of a company who sales nail products. This company offers the acrylic dip method…yes I said it…acrylic. SNS is just the name many people and some deceiving salons are giving the dip method that has been around for many many years. It is basically a way for a company and salons to capitalize on the lack of nail knowledge the general public has. If you aren’t educated in this area, salons are able to upsale you this NEW and EXCITING technology that is so much “better” than acrylics or gels. When in reality, you are getting the same products on your nails and it’s actually more brittle than acrylic and gel.

So what actually is this dip method?

The acrylic dip technique involves a few products: acrylic powder, nail glue, and a top coat. To begin, you apply a layer of glue all over your nail. You then dip your nail into any acrylic powder you choose while the glue is still wet. After taking out your finger, tap the excess powder off the nail and dust it away after the glue is completely dry. You repeat this process two or three times depending on your preference: layering glue and acrylic powder. Once you’re satisfied with the color, simply shape up the nail to make it smooth and add a topcoat!

So is this a gel or acrylic?

The Signature Nail System brand markets this product as neither a gel or acrylic. They also tell you that it is healthier for your nails. This however, just isn’t true. The dip method is a polymer and resin layered together which means the overall makeup of the enhancement is acrylic. **Fun fact: A polymer is a long chain of monomers that have been chemically linked together, which is what makes up acrylic and gel. This means gel and acrylic as you know them, share very similar chemistry, just linked slightly different to make one a powder form and one a gel form!

The dip method is definitely quicker and less smelly than traditional acrylics. It’s also thinner on your nails because the layers of powder don’t react the same with the glue as they would if you were using the liquid method. Overall, you can still have the same amount of damage to your nails as with any enhancement. Contrary to popular belief, damage actually occurs to your nails when your nail tech doesn’t apply and remove them properly, not the product itself.

I hope you guys learned something new and cool today that will help you in your nail journey! Always do your research, find a properly trained nail tech in your area, and don’t be fooled by silly up-sales. Thank you so much for taking the time to read! If you have any more questions please leave them in the comments below. Feel free to share with your friends and family to help educate everyone you know who tries nail enhancements. Let’s get the knowledge out there! I hope you have a fabulous day beauties; love and light! :)

XX, Amy

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24 thoughts on “SNS Powder: Newest Nail Enhancement or Simply Acrylic?

  1. jewelednails

    That sounds interesting, & possibly a thinner & less time consuming solution for people who are trying to grow there nails out & just want overlays! I may wind up trying this after the acrylics I’m wearing now start coming off.


  2. joceysbeautyfiles

    Yay! Thank you so much for making this post! I was so curious about this SNS but was apprehensive because I have had acrylics in the past and my nails were ruined once they were removed. Now I know this is definitely not a route I want to go. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  3. luxenailstudio

    Amy this post is absolutely brilliant!! I KNEW that sns was just acrylic, that had been marketed cleverly, i just knew it! haha. Thanks for confirming this into a lovely blog post! :)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anonymous

    Great information. You did forget to mention that sns nails are entirely removed and reapplied each time so less change of dodgy infills which i have experienced too many times


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