What is Polished by Amy all about?

Here you will find a variety of fun posts all about nails and life as a nail artist and blogger! I cover everything from product reviews, nail tutorials, nail tech chit chat, and lifestyle pieces! I’m a licensed nail technician/salon owner and I love to share my journey in the beauty industry, as well as behind the scenes tips for you guys!

When and why did you start blogging?

I began Polished by Amy in May of 2014 after years of playing with the idea. I absolutely loved the blogging community and wanted to share my passion. I began my new career as a nail technician around the same time and used my blog to log my adventures working in the beauty industry as well!

What lighting do you use for your videos?

I ordered my studio lighting from Amazon. The brand I use is called Cowboy Studio and you can find them here.

Do you have a YouTube channel?

Yes! I love to incorporate my YouTube videos into my blog to make my tutorials even better! You can check out my channel here.

How can I contact you about inquires for sponsorships, collaborations, etc.?

Please see my email below for all business or collaboration inquires. I would LOVE to hear from you!

Email: polishedbyamyy@gmail.com

YouTube Channel: Polished by Amy

Instagram: @polishedbyamy

7 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. ninammariee

    I love having beautiful nails and I love wearing dark colors especially in the colder months. But, I have been noticing that my cuticles are looking rough! And they are not even. I don’t always have time to go to a nail salon. But, what should I have on hand to care for my cuticles? Or what should I do?


    • Polished by Amy

      Hi girly! I have a few simple tricks you can do at home to keep your cuticles looking fab! After you get out of the bath, gently push back your cuticles to make them all even. This helps because your skin is still really porous from the water. You can also use oils and creams on your cuticles after a bath, washing your hands, or cleaning. This helps keep them hydrated and looking great!


  2. Tanya Mero

    Hi Amy,
    I have a mobile mani question.
    When doing a group, say wedding party or girls night, how much time do you allot total and per individual? Do you charge a flat group rate?
    How many people do you allow per group?
    Thanks so much!!


    • Polished by Amy

      Hi Tanya! I typically allot 30 minutes per client when I’m working on location. If I have a larger group, I will cut that down to 20-25 minutes depending on the time restraints. I also will charge a single group rate at a discount if the group is larger than 5 clients. That way your clients get a good deal, and they are encouraged to all get services which adds up to a great profit! :)


  3. Hope Clarke

    Hey Amy, I have read your blog posts for ages now and really enjoy them! I want to grow my blog and even start a YouTube channel and was wondering since you have been able to grow followers in both, whether you would have any tips or tricks?

    Also, would you maybe even be able to share my blog and/or my youtube channel?

    Now worries if not, just thought I’d give it a try,

    Hope xxx


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