Influenster Unboxing | Summer Box

Hey guys!

I just received the Splash Voxbox which is the Summer box from Influenster. If you’re unfamiliar with what Influenster is, it’s basically a way to receive FREE boxes of new products that are launching! You can follow this link to find out more information if you’re interested. I am loving everything I got in this box, so I can’t wait to show you guys. Let’s get started!

I absolutely LOVE receiving nail polish in these boxes, so I was so excited to see a new one from Sinful Colors! It’s a gorgeous red multi-glitter that I don’t have anything like in my collection. Obsessed!

Next up is this dry shampoo from Not Your Mother’s. I have to say that I’ve tried one of their dry shampoos in the past and I didn’t like it. However, this is a new release and I’m a huge fan! It smells like warm vanilla sugar and it really gets the job done for my hair!


The next product I’ve fallen in love with is this aromatherapy roller ball from Nature’s Origin. It’s a peppermint essential oil blend that you can apply on your body. I have been using it everyday and I’m loving the scent.


Next up is a new candy from Mike and Ike. Who doesn’t love getting free candy??

I also received one of the new Super Stay Matte Ink products from Maybelline. I got the shade “Lover” which is a gorgeous mauve pink. It dries down to a gorgeous finish that doesn’t feel too dry. I’m enjoying using it as an everyday shade!


Lastly, I received a new face mask from Tree Hut! This is an exfoliating charcoal mask that I like to use for my acne prone skin. I apply, let it dry, then wet it slightly so I can massage the micro beads into my skin for some exfoliation. I will definitely be getting the larger bottle of this when I run out!


So that’s it for this Summer box! Have you guys received this box or tried any of these products? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thank you all so much for stopping by! I hope your day is awesome; love and light! :)

XX, Amy

*post contains affiliate links, products were complimentary but all opinions are my own


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Influenster Unboxing | Vegan Snacks!

Hey guys!

Today I’m sharing the latest Influenster box I’ve received! It’s filled with new goodies to try out for the new year and I’m excited to share them with you all. This box also contains healthy and organic snacks! These products were sent to me by Influenster in exchange for my review and you could get them too!

Thank you all so much for watching! I hope your day is awesome; love and light! :)

XX, Amy


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Influenster Unboxing | Beauty and Lifestyle

Hi loves!
I have another beauty unboxing for you!! Today’s video is for my Frosty Voxbox from Influenster. It’s full of beauty and lifestyle products for this season. I hope you enjoy! Check out Influenster for yourself and get FREE goodies!

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XX, Amy

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. Some links are affiliate links


Influenster Box Review

Hi guys!

I wanted to do a review on all of the products I received complementary from Influenster last month. I do already have an unboxing video up for this explaining what each product is in more detail (check older post for this video). However, I have finally had the chance to use them all and here are my reviews!

The first product is the Covergirl Bombshell mascara. I have a previous post in full detail you can check out here:

The next product is Sinful Colors polish in Firefly. This is a slightly jelly polish with mild shimmer. It applies great for such an affordable brand. It would take up to 3 coats to be completely opaque. There are lots of cute colors in this brand so definitely go check them out!

The next product is the First Aid Shot Therapy drink. This is advertised to be berry flavored and fast acting. I found that the flavor was a bit bland but not a bad taste. I also feel that it indeed worked quickly for me. I would recommend trying out this product if pill forms of pain relief aren’t your thing.

The last product is the Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Lotion. I love this stuff! I brought it along with me on my beach vacation and it was wonderful. I applied it to my skin after a day at the beach and it was very soothing. It also helped with sun burn symptoms for my boyfriend and I. The scent is also amazing! I would definitely recommend this product, especially in the summer!

That’s it for my box of products! I did receive coupons for Jamba at home smoothies but I haven’t tried them out yet. I hope you enjoyed and please subscribe!!


Covergirl Bombshell Mascara Review

Hey guys!
I wanted to get up a quick review for you guys! I received this Covergirl Bombshell Curvaceous mascara complimentary for testing purposes in my Influenster box this month. I was super excited to try it out because of the unique packaging. It is double ended with two different formulas on each end. There are also two different wands as well. The (1) side is for volumizing and the (2) side is for intensifying.

My first use of this mascara made me extremely unimpressed. I felt as though it didn’t really do anything extra to my lashes other than making them extra black. The (2) side also didn’t really change them from the way they looked from the first step…

It is also a waterproof formula (even though it doesn’t tell you anywhere on the packaging), so removing this is also a pain if you don’t have an oil based remover…which I didn’t!
Around my third use however I felt like it did a little more. It seemed to give me length and color but not really intensifying at all. I still wouldn’t choose this mascara over my current fav Revlon Lash Potion.
I hope you guys enjoyed this review post! More will be coming soon about the other products that were in my box! If you want to check out a preview of them check out my Youtube channel Thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe!
XX, Amy

Beach Must Haves

Hi lovelies!

So today’s post is all about my must have products for vacation! I am going to the beach soon and wanted to share with you guys some of the products I have to pack with me! These products are hair and body related and I can do a strictly makeup post later if you guys want.


The first product is Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. I have heard great things about this and wanted to try it out for myself. It does the job for me but its nothing fancy in my opinion. Dry shampoo is a MUST have for the beach. You can spray it in your hair after a day at the beach and your hair looks and feels like you just washed it!

The next product is Coola Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer. I got this sample in my Ipsy bag one month and I think its perfect for the beach. It have SPF 20 in it which is ah-mazing for a face product.

The next thing i’ll be bringing it Organix Coconut Milk Hair Serum. This stuff is a life saver for my hair! I can put some in my damp hair after washing and it makes me hair look and feel so silky smooth! It also smells phenomenal and reminds me of the beach!

The last thing I have actually came in my Influenster Voxbox this month. Its the Hawaiian Tropics After Sun lotion. I haven’t tried this product out yet because I’m holding off for vacation. It smells absolutely amazing and tropical and beachy! I’ll definitely let you guys know how I like it!

So that is it for my must haves for the beach! Let me know if you want to see my makeup must haves! Don’t forget to subscribe for more summer goodness. Thanks guys!


Influenster Unboxing haul!

Here is my first official video on my Youtube channel! It is still in progress but I am so excited to get it up and running. This will be my unboxing of my Influenster box I received recently. I hope you enjoy!