Nail Salon/Nail Tech Advice

Hey guys!

Today I’m sharing my latest video all about nail salon advice. I’m sharing some of my latest stories from my nail suite, and sharing some tips to help your nail business run more smoothly. Let’s get started!

Thank you all so much for watching! I hope you guys found this video helpful and hopefully found some new tactics for your business. I hope your day is awesome; love and light! :)

XX, Amy


YouTube Channel: Polished by Amy

Instagram: @polishedbyamy


4 thoughts on “Nail Salon/Nail Tech Advice

  1. Enjoying your videos and your tips! Very helpful! One more question, what charge card system do you use and recommend and why? And any others you might suggest!


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! I personally use Square and it’s the only one I have experience with. I don’t really like the 2.75% charge for every swipe, but I love how convienent it is and the fact that you can have your money deposited the same day!


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