Nail Hacks | Industry Tricks

Hey guys!

Today I felt inspired to sit down and share many of my industry tricks for nails. I have had such great feedback on my nail posts and videos, and I always have more questions from my readers in the comment section. So, I thought it would be fun to share some of the little tips and tricks I’ve learned throughout my nail career so far. These tips should be helpful if you are a nail tech, nail lover, or aspiring to be in the beauty industry. I hope you enjoy; now let’s get started!

  1. Love square nails but hate how easy they break? Square off your nails and then slightly round the two corners. This leaves you with the appearance of square nails, and lessens the possibility of them catching on anything and causing breakage!
  2. Want your manicure to last longer? Try lightly buffing your nail plate before applying the product!
  3. Want another trick to long lasting nails? Use a dehydrator on the nails prior to polishing. It removes any oils or moisture from the nail and makes any polish last longer!
  4. Don’t have a nail art tool? Try toothpicks, cotton swabs, bobby pins, erasers, or the head of a needle to achieve your look!
  5. Use scotch tape on your nails to create different nail art designs!
  6. Want your nails to grow quicker? Maintain a healthy diet, drink lots of water, and practice nail stimulation (such as typing on a keyboard) often!
  7. Have to deal with ingrown toenails too often? Make sure to only file your toenails straight across. Making them square instead of rounded promotes the correct growth!
  8. Like ombré nails? Use a makeup or cleaning sponge to blend two colors together!
  9. Roll your polish bottles instead of shaking to ensure the quality and longevity of the formula!

That’s all that I have for today guys. I use many of these tricks in my daily nail business and I love them. Have you tried any of these out? I’d love to hear your feedback. I hope your day is awesome; love and light! :)

XX, Amy


YouTube Channel: Polished by Amy

Instagram: @polishedbyamy


13 thoughts on “Nail Hacks | Industry Tricks

  1. Useful and healthy nail tips and the last tip is pretty useful as one of the common mistake everybody does is shaking up the bottle which includes me as well and from now, I will ensure that the bottle is rolled over instead of shaking


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