Tips For Your New Business

Hi guys!

After completing my first official month as a new salon owner, I have already learned so many lessons. I feel that I have so many tips to share with you guys that could make this new adventure easier for you! If you are someone who is started a new business, no matter the type, I think you will benefit from focusing on these tactics from day 1. I hope you guys enjoy, now let’s get started!

Location is everything!

I know we have all seen the phrase “location, location, location”. The area where you decide to open your business is so crucial to it’s success. This being said, I personally am feeling the effects of this. The area I’ve chosen for my salon suite gets zero foot traffic, so I am having to work harder to get awareness for my brand. Advertising and marketing are essential! I have personally created yard signs that are displayed near the road in front of my building. I’ve also added a large sign on the building and my logo on the entrance of the building, as well as my door to my suite. This allows new customers to know they are in the right place as soon as they pull up to my building.

Spread the word on social media!


We all know the importance of social media in today’s society. Because of this, I use Facebook and Instagram to my advantage daily. I suggest you should always keep your platforms updated daily with your products, photos of your work, or business related content. Think of it as a digital portfolio if you’re in the beauty industry. Nail techs, hair stylists, and makeup artists will ALWAYS benefit from this. New clients want to know what your work looks like before they try you, so give them plenty of photos to fall in love with! This allows your brand to stay in front of potential customers constantly, and you are more likely to reach new clients! I also created a custom Facebook ad to run locally in my area to let everyone know that my new salon was open for business!

Meet local business owners and advertise!


Everyone knows how effective business cards can be for getting awareness for a new business. Not only should you hand out cards to people that you’ve already serviced, but you should also meet local business owners in your area. I personally went to several boutiques and shops on the same street as my salon to introduce myself and hand out cards. This helps to get your name out there and allows you to make relationships with fellow small business owners! This can be beneficial for you in two was. First, your relationship with local business owners means collaborations and referrals in the future. Second, if you market to businesses where your demographic frequently goes, then they can become aware of your new business. If you’re a nail tech, makeup artist, or hair stylist I suggest leaving cards at gyms, tanning salons, and boutiques in your immediate area!

Thank you all so much for reading! After a month in business, I have found that I must utilize all of these tactics constantly to be successful. I hope this could potentially help you in your next venture! I hope your day is awesome; love and light! :)

XX, Amy


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18 thoughts on “Tips For Your New Business

  1. Good luck with your new business Amy!! I m sure you ll do great!! Why don’t you distribute little branded gifts with your salon s details on (like small travel brushes) to the people around the area? It would work as a constant reminder of your business ☺️xx

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  2. I’m thinking about starting my own business within the next couple of years and found this great. I would recommend the following book ‘twobrainbusiness’. It’s more aimed at gyms but the concepts and ideas can certainly be used in any small business

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