Guide To The Ultimate Wedding Nails!

Hi loves!

With Spring getting closer and closer, I wanted to share my personal tips for the best wedding nails! I’m sharing my guide to choosing the best colors, accessories and more. I hope you guys enjoy; now let’s get started!

Shade: Nude, Blush, French

When it comes to your big day, French, Blush, and Nude is the way to go. A woman can never go wrong with a good set of nude nails. Of course we all know about the classic French manicure with a white tip, which always looks chic. If French isn’t your thing, opting for a warm toned nude or blush shade is your best bet. A nude manicure is the perfect accessory to your overall look. You definitely don’t want to chose a bright color that may distract from your dress or other accessories. Think about trying out several shades of nude to find the perfect match for you!

Nail Art: Rhinestones, Jewels

Nail art is becoming a bridal trend lately! Long gone are the days of a simple and dull wedding manicure. If you’re looking to accessorize your nails like the rest of your look, try  choosing rhinestones or jewels on your manicure. I suggest strictly silver rhinestones or pearls on the big day. This allows you to have some fun with your look while staying classy and chic!


Medium: Gel Polish or Acrylic

No one wants to have the extra worry of chipped nail polish on their big day. When you’re getting your wedding manicure, I suggest choosing a gel polish or acrylic overlay. This ensures your nails have staying power and you can get your manicure a few days before the actual event. You will also have fabulous nails through your honeymoon and the week after!


A few last tips to extend the life of your wedding manicure: treat your nails as jewels not tools, avoid cleaning chemicals or excess water, and remember to moisturize your hands daily!

Thank you all so much for reading! I hope this post helps you with at least one of your decisions for your wedding day! I hope your day is awesome; love and light! :)

XX, Amy


YouTube Channel: Polished by Amy

Instagram: @polishedbyamy


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