Taking Time For Yourself

Hi loves!

Today I’m sharing a topic that is very dear to my heart. I am so passionate about mental health, positivity, and taking care of my mind. With the constant chaos we experience in our everyday lives, we often forget to take time for ourselves. I recently was introduced to the idea of “Self Love Sunday”. I was so intrigued by that name and it immediately resonated with me. The basic premise is taking time out for yourself. It’s a designated day where you can press the pause button on life and make sure you’re paying attention to you. This is something that is so incredibly important because we tend to lose ourselves when we are so concerned with others in our lives. Children, spouses, day jobs, and family take up so much of our time that many people don’t realize they aren’t giving themselves any of that time. I’m sure many of you know all too well that anxiety, stress, and even depression can be a result of that. So this leads me back to self love Sunday. No, you don’t have to do this on Sunday, or only one day a week. You can take time out for self love as often as you’d like!

So what are some of the things you can do to pamper yourself and promote your own mental health and well being? The possibilities are endless! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Pampering your body
    • Soak in a bubble bath
    • Try out a new face mask
    • Give yourself a mani and pedi
    • Get a facial or relaxing massage
    • Do yoga
  • Your mind
    • Have a fun conversation with a stranger
    • Study a new language
    • Meditate
    • Start a new exciting book
  • Your mood
    • Indulge in your favorite snack
    • Go to a movie in the middle of the week
    • Order in your favorite meal
    • Go shopping for yourself

I like to do several of these ideas ever week. You will be amazed how much your mood can change with such simple concepts. What are some of your favorite things to do to pamper yourself? Do you have your own version of Self Love Sunday? I’d love to hear your thoughts below. I hope your day is awesome; love and light! :)

XX, Amy

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57 thoughts on “Taking Time For Yourself

  1. Some of the things I find most relaxing are: taking a walk in the early morning to enjoy the day waking up, sipping a piping hot latte while doing the crossword puzzle, or sleeping in on the weekend until 9:00 a.m. (or whenever the cat gets hungry:).

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  2. Love this! It’s so important to have “me time” is what I call it. I would normally do this whenever I can tbh, go to the gym, go for a swim, soak in a bubble bath with a Lush product while reading my book, and have an early night! It makes me feel amazing!xxx

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  3. I agree its so important to take care of yourself. I try to always do something for myself on Sundays whether it be like you said a face mask or just a bubble bath and Netflix!

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  4. Strongly support this!! One of my favorite ways to treat myself is to put lotion all over my body, massaging my muscles, and doing yoga to music in the sunlight! Not even necessarily yoga, but just moving and stretching my body. And my self love day tends to be Sunday as wel :)

    Thanks for sharing, doll.

    If anyone would be so kind to take a peek at my latest blog post of 2017, it’s super appreciated!


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  5. These are great ways to de stress and allow time for yourself to recharge. I’ve done a couple of things you suggested and my favorites are go to a movie, indulge in a favorite snack, use a face mask and treat yourself to something nice. Doing this a couple times a week or at least once a week really goes a long way.

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  6. I agree “me” time is so important. My take on it is a little different though. Relaxing/unwinding is good, but I get bored easily. So I’ll end up jumping in the car and going to Busch Gardens for a roller coaster fix (or sometimes I just like to sit and watch the animals). Or I’ll go to the mall for some retail therapy and stop for a bite at the funky conveyor belt sushi place there. People watching is fun for me too. You never know what you might see. 😂

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  7. I never really had a day where I dedicated to myself until after I had my son. Things got so hectic for us that I noticed I was had PPD. We decided I needed a break to focus on me by doing so I was able to overcome that obstacle. I was also able to focus on my son. One of my favorite things to do is a bath and then a chocolate candy feast lol with reading time. Clipping coupons was also my “me” time on Sundays!


    1. That is such an inspiring story! It’s amazing that you were able to recognize when you needed to get better for your child and yourself! It such an important idea to take care of yourself before you’re able to really care for others 100%. Thank you so much for reading! :)


  8. This post is so nice! I think self-love is really important but we forget about it so often. I currently do yoga and it’s definitely help me relax a lot more x

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  9. Yes Amy, your suggestions are nice and inspiring me.. But what about the day after? Maybe is just a RELIEF VALVE like this..
    We need to approach this concept deeply, otherwise we risk to accustom to it.. i hope if i’m explaining well.

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  10. So true! Sundays are my only day off work (well, my phone is still on so not completely off…haha), and I usually spend them sleeping in, relaxing, doing face masks and body scrubs if I feel I need them, and getting in the kitchen and cooking for the week ahead so my body is fuelled during the week.

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  11. I love this idea! Keeps self-love on a consistent schedule which is vital for great mental health. I sometimes treat myself to Me-Days where I go to my favorite restaurant or cafe, do a little shopping and then go home. Very simple but very nice.

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  12. Love this! I’m new to this site and just started my blog! It’s all about health and wellness. I’m such a big believer in mental health! Anyway seeing this post really reminded me to take that time during the week. Thanks for the post! :)

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  13. This topic is dear to my heart too. I am very passionate to promote self-love and “going home to one’s self,” because I don’t think there is any other way to be responsible and helpful to others. I am glad someone else is touching upon this topic. I am working on an article that deals with the theme of “sacrifice” in our lives. It is similar. I am going to publish it soon. It is important to me, because without answering some fundamental questions of so to say “morality” we often entangle ourselves in various problems. I am an new blogger. I am glad that there is an opportunity to share one’s experiences and interests with people of the same interests. I have an Instagram account (evaisco) and a Facebook page (Wise Living), as well as YouTube posts where I share my accomplishments and successes in fitness, and healthy living. I started meditating around 8 years ago. I read and studied many different schools and techniques, and I do practice mindfulness and pranayama. I practice yoga daily for half a year, and cooking vegetarian and vegan dishes. On my new blog I am sharing all this experience with everyone. I hope you can follow and find my articles honest and interesting. Thank you, and good luck.

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  14. I love this! Self-care is sooo important in the mental health journey! There are so many days where depression can be so heavy that getting out of bed is not an option. However, it’s on those days, ironically, that we need to get up and practice self care the most. It is also important to remember to eat a healthy meal and to force yourself to do something you love. Some days i get so bad I don’t want to eat anything but I have to force myself to eat. Also, on those days, I don’t want to do things I know I love to do, so I make myself do something that I love for a few minutes. I have some tips on on of my posts on getting through a bad day and self-care is super important!!


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