Salon Horror Story | Monster Boss Story Time

Hi loves!

Today I wanted to share a story time video with you all! I’m ranting all about one of my WORST experiences working in a salon. I’m sharing my crazy story of a monster boss, illegal salon activity, and much more. I hope you enjoy; let’s get started!

Thank you guys so much for watching! I really enjoyed filming this video and if you’d like to hear more stories then let me know. I hope your day is awesome; love and light! :)

XX, Amy


YouTube Channel: Polished by Amy

Instagram: @polishedbyamy


10 thoughts on “Salon Horror Story | Monster Boss Story Time

  1. This reminded me of a lady(in her 40’s) who I used to work with years ago who was very gossipy, always in your business, she was very nice to your face but talked so bad about you behind your back to her friends…like GROW UP!

    I liked how you stuck up for yourself and didn’t allow her to bully you or intimate you into doing her will.


  2. Reblogged this on Sara Consigli's Blogs and commented:
    I clicked on a blog post which had a Youtube video linked to it about a girl telling her story about this crazy nail salon.

    The girl, Amy, talked about how she went to school and was well educated in the world of nails. She had worked at three nail salons in total, but was offered a new job at this particular one. Like her other salons, this one was also high end and “professional”. She applied for the job, and went in for an interview. She met with the boss, interview went great and the boss loved her. Right away, Amy was hired. But first, her boss wanted to know how much she would price the clients, for the services she would do. Since it was high end, Amy’s prices were a little bit high, but the boss said it was perfect and how this salon was for her.

    A week later, the boss calls her and tells her that the clients are complaining about how the nail services are not being done right, and how the prices were too high. Amy was confused though because the boss told her the prices were just right. Amy just ignored it, and was not going to change how she did her job.

    Three weeks later, Amy was sitting at home and her boss texted her complaining about how Amy wrote a mean blog post about her. Amy said that the post was about that everyone should be repsected in the nail business, and was shocked to see her boss knew she had a blog. The following Monday, Amy went into the nail salon to pack up her things, and there was already a cardboard moving box on her desk.

    My response to this video was no one should be treated like this in the business. What was weird to me was that the boss said the prices for Amy’s services were ok, but then were not all of a sudden.

    When watching this, I was thinking about the salon I go to, if the prices are really right. I also thought about when I get my nails done, is it to my satisfaction or is it messy? To be honest I would never want to go through this, and feel bad for Amy. It is embarrasing and wrong.


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