Crystal Nail File?! | GERmanikure Review

Hi loves!

Today I have a product review for your guys. I was contacted by a nail product company called GERmanikure and they were nice enough to send me some goodies to share with you guys!

From the beginning of my contact with this brand, I really enjoyed what they were about. The company itself is all about ethical business practices and workmanship. They are very landfill conscious when it comes to their products and packaging of those products. They also claim to be working on some amazing campaigns. Some of which I’ll add in from their email: “We are about to embark on an anti-child labor campaign, and will be sponsoring a nail-art contest among other things to bring awareness to the practice. We also contribute a portion of all sales to give back to families victimized by child labor in Pakistan and Vietnam.” How cool right?? Now what do I think of the products?


I received two crystal glass nail files and I AM A FAN. They were packaged in hand stitched leather cases and each file is engraved with a unique message. One file says “I’m Grateful” and the other “Books and Coffee” (they have tons of messages to choose from).Β  The files themselves are made with high quality glass and are shatter/crack resistant. They can be used wet or dry and on your natural and artificial nails! I have used a glass file in the past, but I never made it a habit. That being said, I was eager to see how it compared to the performance of my typical disposable files. Would it be gritty enough? How can I clean it?


I first tried this file on my artificial hard gel nails and it worked beautifully. It seemed to glide SO much smoother over my nail than the non-glass files I’ve used. Next I tried shaping my natural nails (toenails) with the glass file and it worked just as great. I especially enjoyed that this file was more quiet than the others. You don’t hear as much of the grinding noise when shaping your nails which is awesome.

My final thoughts? I want more! I really enjoy these files and I would love to have a few more for my nail business. These products are not disposable and can be cleaned and sanitized, so they will last SO long! This means less waste, better business practices for the environment, and they are super cute. Each of these files are priced at around $12 currently, but they are having a few sales on their site.

Thank you all so much for reading? What do you think of these products? Do you use glass nail files yourself? If you’ve tried them, I’d love to hear what you think! I hope your day is fabulous; love and light! :)

XX, Amy


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9 thoughts on “Crystal Nail File?! | GERmanikure Review

  1. I tried one glass nail file ages ago that I found at a drugstore. I guess the quality wasn’t very good because I remember it loosing its abrasiveness pretty quickly. These sound like they would be better.


  2. The very first item I’ve own from Sephora was their glass nail file and I still have them until now. The “secret” of keeping them to last long is to wash them or just ran water on the file. This way the “roughness” comes back to life for a better filing/buffing experience. <3


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