Things To Consider Before Becoming a Nail Tech

Hey guys!

I’ve had a few requests to chat more about the topic of my nail tech career and some details about the logistics of the job. I have put together a list of things I feel are important to consider before making the decision to start a nail tech career. Some of these aspects are areas I wasn’t prepared for beforehand, and I’m hoping this will be helpful for you! Let’s get started!

No Steady Income Initially

To be blunt, one should expect not to have a steady income in the first months/year of your nail tech career. This applies to many jobs in the beauty industry because building your own clientele is a must. From my own experience, I’ve learned that you will have lots of down time in the salon while waiting on clients to come in. It’s important not to get too discouraged during this time, and use it to your advantage. I would suggest socializing with the customers already in the salon receiving other services while you have the time. You can also work on your social media presence, possibly creating a marketing plan for yourself, or sharing your business cards as much as possible.

Employee vs Booth Renter


The typical set up when it comes to working in a salon, is you will either be an employee of the salon, or a booth renter. An employee works the same as any other job where your products and tools will (most likely) be supplied by the salon, taxes are taken out of your wages, and you receive a weekly/bi-weekly paycheck. This is nice if you are first starting out and cannot afford to supply your entire haul of equipment and products from the beginning. Being an employee also helps you as a beginner because the salon will be more apt to send new clients your way since you are their employee.

The booth renter aspect involves being responsible for your own products and tools, charging what ever prices you’d wish, and paying the salon for your space. As a booth renter, you can decide what services you want to offer, charge what you want, and be responsible for keeping up with it all for taxes. The booth renter has a lot more responsibility but it is my favorite. I’ve worked as both, and I enjoy being in charge of everything myself.

Constantly Adapting and Learning

As a nail tech, you will constantly be learning and evolving your skills. As the years go on, you will experience new trends and techniques that become popular for your clients. You will need to stay on top of these so you can offer the best and most popular services to your clientele. I’ve had clients come to me asking about a new technique for applying acrylic, and I had to educate myself and practice the technique so I could offer that for them. I love this aspect of my career because it ensures you don’t get “burnt out” of the same routine everyday.

Your First Salon Typically Isn’t Your Last Stop


This is important to realize at the beginning of your career, so you don’t get discouraged when your first job doesn’t work out. Personally, I have worked at three different salons in my career as a nail tech so far. Its important to know that it is totally okay for you to shop around if you are in a salon that doesn’t quite fit your needs, clientele, or services. You can discover that perfect place for you that will allow you to thrive professionally.

Thank you guys for reading! I hope these points were helpful to you all and please let me know if you have any questions. I hope your day is awesome; love and light! :)

XX, Amy


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