Nails Of The Day!

Hey guys!

Today’s manicure has to be one of my most simple, yet favorite look I’ve done in a while. I wanted to play around with half moon looks while incorporating Spring colors. I chose a light pink and silver dots to finish off the manicure. *A quick tip: if your half moon edges are a little messy, just cover the line with nail art like I did! You can do dots, lines, or rhinestones to disguise any messiness and your manicure will look fabulous!

Products Used:

Revlon Pink Lingerie

Sally Hansen Celeb City

Probelle Top Coat

Dotting Tool

Thank you guys so much for stopping by! I will be sharing a new nail art tutorial VERY soon. I’m thinking dream catchers?? Leave me some of your design suggestions you’d like to see as well. I hope your day is awesome; love and light! :)

XX, Amy

*post contains affiliate links


YouTube Channel: Polished by Amy

Instagram: @polishedbyamy


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