How To Make Your Gel Nails Last!

Hey guys!

I recently had a reader ask a great question about gel nails. She wanted to know some tips to help her gel manicure last longer. So, today I’m sharing the tricks that I use on my own clients to achieve a beautiful gel manicure that will last two weeks and more! If you guys enjoy, feel free to use the social sharing buttons below and share with your friends. Let’s get started!

Avoid Water

Excess exposure to water is the enemy of all nail enhancements. To ensure your gel nails apply correctly and stay on, the nails need to be wiped dry and dehydrated. You should make sure to wear gloves when washing dishes and such to ensure the edges don’t begin to peel.

Dehydrate the Nail

As I mentioned, it is important to make sure your natural nails are completely clean and dry before having gels applied. You’ll want to remove all old polish, buff the nail lightly to give the gel texture to hold onto, and then dehydrate the nail. This may sound odd, but simply using alcohol will remove the excess nail oils and moisture allowing the gel to adhere better and last longer!

Don’t File Your Edges

This is a huge tip that many people don’t think about. The important element that allows your gel nails to stay intact, is the edges being sealed with gel. If you were to file, clip, or buff the edges after they’re done, you are breaking the seal and allowing the gel to lift.

Seal the Edges

This tip goes hand in hand with filing. When you’re actually applying the gel onto the nail, make sure you apply a thin layer to the edge. Once cured in the light, the edge is then sealed and doesn’t allow moisture or debris to get under the enhancement. This makes sure your gel nails last as long as they can.

Don’t Pick

Try your hardest to leave your gels alone. I know many people have the habit of picking at their nails, but this will ruin the gel. Unlike normal polish, gel will peel off of your nail plate in a single layer. Once this is peeled, it takes layers of your natural nail with it. This causes your nails to become thin and brittle.

That’s it for today’s tips! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and learned some cool new stuff. If you have any of your own tips, please leave them in the comments below. Love and light! :)

XX, Amy


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