How To Choose A Quality Nail Salon

Hey guys!

We all know how common nail salons are in towns all across the country. With so many options, how do you know which to choose (or NOT choose)? When it comes to picking the best salon, there are a few aspects that set them apart from the rest. I’m sharing my best tips today to keep you all informed to receive the safest services you possibly can. Let’s get into it!

Is there a strong odor in the salon?

This is s huge tip off that nail salons may not be up to code. We all know the dreaded smell that comes from acrylic, but it shouldn’t be overbearing. By law, salons are required to have a certain ventilation system in place to protect your physical health from the fumes. If you can’t escape the odor, I would suggest leaving!

Are the stations clean and tidy?

Sanitation is a HUGE factor when choosing a quality salon. If you see used tools and towels scattered around the manicure and pedicure areas, it could be a big sign that they are not up to standards with sanitation. Nail technicians are required to go through a cleaning and disinfection process after EACH client. Don’t let them put your health in danger!

Are there the same amount of licenses per nail tech displayed?

This is a problem that is far too common. If you ever see way more techs that licenses on the wall, its a possibility that they are practicing against the law. If you ever feel uncomfortable about someone who is working on your nails, it is completely okay to request more information, or postpone the service.

Does your nail tech get to know your needs?

A sign of a good quality salon is one whose nail tech’s care about your needs. If your tech is communicating and learning about your nail health and lifestyle, they are one to stick with! This ensures you get the best personalized service possible. You will most likely be more satisfied with your nails as well.

That’s it for today’s tips! I hope you guys found this post helpful and informative! I am already planning a part 2 because I have SO much more to share. My goal is to inform consumers and nail enthusiasts to ensure you get the safest and best services that you can. Feel free to use the social media buttons below to share this article with your friends so they stayed informed also! I hope your day is awesome; love and light! :)

XX, Amy


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