Beginner Yoga Journey

Hi loves!

Today I wanted to chat about one aspect of my life that I haven’t touched on in this blog before. I first began experimenting with yoga in 2014 after learning of the benefits it has on your mind, body, and soul. This entire idea behind what yoga stood for was in line with my interests already, so I naturally wanted to make it a part of my lifestyle. It wasn’t until 2015 that it became a regular habit of mine.

I began introducing this practice once a day into my routine. I would research beginner poses and routines that would be easy on my not-so-limber body. Yoga With Adriene was my go-to resource because she offered everything from beginner, to expert, and all the fun stuff in between. I would usually carve out thirty to forty-five minutes of my morning before breakfast to practice. I enjoyed having a virtual instructor to follow along with at this point. It allowed me to stay on track, learn new poses, and perfect breathing techniques.

After several months of this, I began switching my practice to evenings before bed. I enjoyed the relaxation and winding down from the day. I like to put on a calming playlist in the background, and really focus on my breathing. Its amazing how much better you can instantly feel when doing this. It automatically calms you down, clears your mind of petty things, and puts into perspective the things you really care about.

A HUGE tip I have for someone beginning the practice of yoga would be to get the most out of every minute. I spend this time meditating and going over positive affirmations in my mind. If you start your day or end your night this way, you will slowly start seeing the positive changes in your life. I’d love to chat more about the Law of Attraction and my spirituality later, but yoga has been a huge factor in this.

I still consider myself to be a beginner, but I’m definitely improving each time. I’d love to hear from you guys about your yoga journey if you have one! Leave me your thoughts in the comments below. I hope your day is fabulous; love and light! :)

XX, Amy


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13 thoughts on “Beginner Yoga Journey

  1. I started doing yoga at some point in 2015, just a couple times a week, but I just finished the 30 Day Yoga Camp in January, and have managed to keep up a daily practice (even during the past two weeks that I’ve been sick). I never thought in a million years that I would be a “yoga person”, but I am. I’m sleeping better, and I feel like I’m slowly getting stronger and some of the poses are getting a little easier.


  2. great post! I have heard about the many great benefits of yoga. Its definitely a huge stress reliever too. I am hoping to try to get back in to yoga soon when I got more time in my schedule!


  3. Hey, I and my friends were just talking about getting into yoga. I went to a class few weeks ago and I felt amazing after. I do agree meditation and affirmation are awesome to add to yoga. It really does change the course of my day


  4. Yoga with Adriene is awesome! She’s my go-to when I can’t find the time to go to a yoga class.
    I personally find yoga before bed to be more helpful than in the morning – it helps to relax and clear my mind so I can sleep better, but there’s probably people who prefer it in the morning to help ease their way into the day!


  5. Congrats ladies! Yoga certainly has its benefits, I have it scheduled in my planner right along with squats and water intake. I check them off throughout the day, admittedly, some days I fall short and feel so guilty. 😞


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