Skin Saving Tips For Winter Weather

Hey guys!

We all know our skin can be a pain to deal with in the dry winter months. So, what’s a girl to do other than applying lotion nonstop?? Today I’m sharing some helpful tips to keep your skin luminous and hydrated this season.

 Using Moisturizing Products


This tip is super obvious so we’ll go ahead and get it out of the way. Many people underestimate the power of applying a simple hand cream once a day. Lotions and oils will be your best friend during the dry winter months. Make sure you’re using thicker creams and hand lotions for your hands and body.

Oils can be used from head to toe as well. I love using an organic blend of natural oils for my face moisturizer during winter. It allows my skin to stay hydrated without increasing excess oils which used to be an issue for me. I also add argan oil to my favorite body lotion to keep my skin super moisturized. Cuticle oil is also a go to for my nails and toes as you guys know. You would definitely benefit from checking out natural oils!

Conditioning Treatments



Conditioning treatments can be a luxurious added step to any skin care and hair care routine. I personally suggest applying a hair mask or deep conditioning treatment in between regular shampooing and conditioning. A holy grail product for me is John Frieda’s Leave In Conditioner. It’s a spray product that can be applied on your damp hair before blow drying and styling. It leaves your hair smooth to the touch and visibly shiny!

Lip balms or salves are also a must have in the winter! I love to apply my organic lip balm after a shower and once again before bed.


Everyone knows how beneficial water is for our body. Did you know the recommended amount of water an adult should consume a day? It is suggested to drink eight glasses of water daily to receive the full benefits of hydration.



Our skin tends to become excessively dry in the cold months. To combat this, regular exfoliation is recommended. I like to limit my face exfoliation to twice a week and a full body exfoliation three to four times a week. This routine keeps my skin smooth to the touch and lessens the amount of times I have to apply lotions.

Avoid Harsh Products


If you have practiced most of these tips and still aren’t satisfied with your skin’s condition, your problem may be the product you’re using. Your skin may be sensitive to the harsh chemicals that make up your soaps and body washes. Try opting for products that are organic, or made with mostly natural ingredients!

Thank you all so much for stopping by. I hope this article was helpful and you picked up a new skin saving tip to try out. Do you have any more tips to share? Leave them in the comments below! I hope your day is amazing; love and light! :)

XX, Amy

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13 thoughts on “Skin Saving Tips For Winter Weather

  1. Great post! I have had such an issue with dry skin this winter. It stated off with my allergy to oppressive dry central heating, and applying makeup to cover it up hasn’t helped any. I’ve tried everything – 6 or 7 different moisturisers, exfoliating, not exfoliating, cleansing often, cleansing seldom, Vaseline, eczema cream….you name it! I’m finally coming out the other side with a combination of cleansing with micelles water when I get home from work, slathering coconut oil onto my skin throughout the evening and applying a simple Nivea night cream generously before I go to sleep. You’re so right – nature has the answers!


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