Holiday Nail Art!

Hi loves!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite holiday nail designs I’ve created for my clients! I’m so excited to get started with new designs this season, so I thought I would show you guys some of my past work for inspiration. I hope you enjoy!

You can never go wrong with a simple snowflake design for the holidays! I love rocking a sparkling manicure and adding one on the accent nail to really make my nails pop!

This manicure has to be my favorite of them all from last season. It’s such a cute Christmas sweater design that was actually simple to create. I also love using nude, black, and gold instead of traditional Christmas colors. 

This Christmas sweater manicure looks very intricate, yet is super simple to create. I have a full tutorial for this design that you can check out here if you’d like. The little reindeer always makes me smile! :)

This set was a specific request from a client. She wanted Santa nails which were inspired by a Pinterest photo. I created this look using all gel polish. I think the super cute Santa faces on the thumbs are adorable! :)

Thank you all so much for stopping! What are some holiday nail designs that you guys enjoy? I am working on new sets to share with you guys over the next couple weeks, so stay tuned. You can also follow me on Instagram (@polishedbyamy) to see each holiday manicure as I do them! I hope your day is fabulous. Love and light! :)

XX, Amy


21 thoughts on “Holiday Nail Art!

  1. You made my day better. I am in this phase of doing my nails for the past 6-7 months, and I have been browsing everywhere for the perfect winter/Christmassy/holiday nails! I am really impressed you actually drew a reindeer, and it looks so cute!

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