How To Start a Blog | Tips You Should Know

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share some of my personal tips for anyone who is wanting to start a blog. These are some beginner tips and also some that any level blogger can benefit from. I hope this is helpful for you guys. Now let’s get started!

Choose Your Topics– What do you want to blog about?


When you’re starting your blog, its helpful to pre-plan the topics you will be covering. This is nice because it helps you market your blog to the right demographic and lets your audience know what to expect from you. When your readers know the type of content to be expecting, they will be more inclined to subscribe and keep coming back!

Know Your Audience– Who are your readers going to be?

This is very important for any blog topic and is a must have if you want to be successful. It’s important to have an idea of the type of people your blog will be appealing to. This ensures you know who to market your content to, and that your posts will be read and appreciated more so.

Prepare Content– Write articles and take photos


Now that you have your topics and know the audience you want to appeal to, its time to start creating your content! I like to designate days to sit down and brainstorm blog post ideas. Once I nail down a handful of really great topics, I begin writing my posts and gathering links and photos to enhance my posts. This part should take you a significant amount of time because you are preparing quality content and taking/editing great images to upload!

Customize Your Blog– Choose a blog theme to portray your content well.


If you are a WordPress user like me, you can begin choosing a blog theme that represent your blog well. There are hundreds of free themes to choose from for beginners and SO many ways to customize the look and feel of your blog. Make sure the look of your blog is pleasing to the eye, easy to read, and gives insight into your writing tone/feel of your content.

Schedule– Decide on a posting schedule for your content.


This tip is one of my top hacks from my Blogging Tips For Beginners article. This is essential for early success of any blog and one that I wish I had learned from the start of my career. If you have a structured schedule of days you will be posting, your blog appears more professional and your readers know when to expect new content. This tip can increase your stats tremendously!

Market Yourself

Social media is your best friend! From my experience as a content marketer, I learned that social media platforms and inbound marketing in general its essential to your online success. It’s important to create a brand presence for your blog on several different social media sites to attract new readers to your site. This will allow you to advertise your newest content every time you post and drive traffic straight to that post. If you’re really interested in getting serious about social media marketing, you will love Hubspot. They have articles on almost any question or topic you will need!

Have fun!

Last but not least, make sure you have fun! Blogging and sharing your passions with people all over the world is one of my favorite things to do. If you have fun with your blog and produce content you love yourself and are proud of, you will ensure your audience enjoys it as well!

Thank you all for reading! Do you have any blogging tips to share? Leave them in the comments below for everyone to see! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog for more tips to come. I hope your day is awesome; love and light! :)

XX, Amy


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25 thoughts on “How To Start a Blog | Tips You Should Know

  1. Great useful tips! My extra tip would be “Be patient…Rome wasn’t built in a day and your blog won’t have 100,000 views in a day either (unless you’re Beyonce but that’s another story).”


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