Glitter Polishes You Must Have!

Hi loves!

I wanted to continue my color series, but I was having a hard time coming up with a new shade to share with you guys. Then I thought, glitter is the obvious next choice right?? So today I’m sharing my favorite glitter polishes that I think are the BEST you will find from all the brands I’ve tried. I hope you find this helpful, and as you will see, I love my silver glitter…

Wet N Wild New Years Kiss

Wet N Wild New Years Kiss

I wanted to start off with a super affordable polish that can be found at most drugstores.This Wet n Wild polish from the Fergie collection is one of the most concentrated glitter formulas I’ve ever used! You get almost full coverage with just one swatch on the nail. The glitter ranges from micro to blue toned bar pieces.

Wet N Wild Glamorous

wet n wild glamorous

If you’re looking for an affordable gold glitter with a great formula, then this one is for you. The glitter content is very high so you will get a good payoff with each swatch. I like to use three coats to completely cover the nail if i’m wearing it alone. The glitter itself ranges from tiny micro pieces to larger hexagon pieces.

Essie A Cut Above 

This has been a go to for me for years! This pink glitter has different sizes and shapes to make your nails really sparkle. It’s super unique, as I’ve never found a pink glitter any close to this before. I like pairing this polish with pinks and purples as an accent nail.

Essie Set In Stone


I just HAD to include this silver glitter because once it’s on the nails, it stands out among the rest! This is a super sparkly silver with a few different sizes of glitter throughout. I love how bright and shiny the glitters are in this formula. Essie did a great job with this one!

Sinful Colors Queen Of Beauty


Okay, this will be the last silver glitter..I promise! This is a micro glitter that lets you create that fully covered sparkly look on the nails. The glitter content in this formula is very high, meaning you will get lots of coverage from just two coats of this polish. This is a great affordable option that can be found at many drugstores.

Thank you guys so much for stopping by! Please leave me your top glitter picks in the comments below, I’d love to check them out. I hope you have a fabulous day! Love and light! :)

XX, Amy

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17 thoughts on “Glitter Polishes You Must Have!

    1. Hi Stacey! A tip I have is to make sure you’re using pure acetone as your nail polish remover. Soak a cotton ball in the acetone, hold it on your nail for 10 seconds and then rub off the glitter. Letting the acetone sit there for an extra second will loosen up the glitter flakes for you. You can also buff off any remaining glitter at the end! :)


  1. Thanks for liking one of my blog posts! Your blog is gorgeous! Definitely need to read more of your posts! I was raised by my grandparents, and my grandma was a manicurist back in her day so I’ve definitely got a love for nails! I love glitter polish :) the holidays are a great time for it at well. :)


  2. I love the Essie one that’s similar to A Cut Above (the Luxe effect line), but it’s more a rose-gold/warm gold/bronze shade… it’s called Summit of Style. So pretty and I haven’t seen anything like it!


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