The Best Fall Nail Polish!

Hey guys!

Happy Fall beauties! This is absolutely my favorite time of year and one of the aspects I really enjoy is the Fall nail polish! Today I’m sharing the best polish selections to reach for during the cooler months. So let’s get into the goodies!

Essie Bahama Mama

Essie Bahama Mama

This is a gorgeous plum purple shade that is THE ideal shade for Fall. This formula is opaque in two coats and has great staying power on the nails. If you are a purple lover like me, this is the polish for you!

Duri Cosmetics Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

This red shade is exactly what you think of when you think Fall nail shades. Who doesn’t love a good classic shade of red in their nails? This formula is super creamy and you can achieve a deep, blood red shade in two coats. It’s also perfect for the holiday season!

Duri Cosmetics Blueberry Daiquiri

Duri Cosmetics Blueberry Daiquiri

This is a color that I’ve always lusted after. I was recently introduced to this brand and was thrilled to find this blue! It is the PERFECT navy blue shade that is completely opaque in one coat. As you’ve probably read here on my blog before, Duri is my favorite nail brand at the moment! You can check out my swatch video here to see the colors being applied.

OPI Miami Beet

This polish is a gorgeous red-violet shade for all of you who don’t always want to wear a dark color during the Fall. It is a creme formula that is opaque in two coats. It’s slightly lighter and more on the red side than Bahama Mama listed above. This polish looks amazing on all different skin tones!

Duri Cosmetics Gin Greyhound

Gin Greyhound

You guys have heard me rave about this polish, but I couldn’t do my Fall favorites without it! This polish is the best shade of grey I’ve ever found and the formula is completely opaque in one coat! If you’ve ever wanted to try a grey polish, this is the one for you!

What colors do you love rocking on your nails for Fall? Let me know some of your top picks in the comments below! This season gets me the most excited for new polish collections, so I love discovering more! I want to thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you have a beautiful day guys; love and light! :)

XX, Amy

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28 thoughts on “The Best Fall Nail Polish!

  1. Miami Beet and Bahama Mama are both a part of my collection! I guess I’m a sucker for Berry tones. Love this list! I also love grays for this time of year, including Essie’s Smokin’ Hot and OPI’s I Sao Paulo Over There.


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