Blue Nail Polishes You Must Have!

Hi loves!

I hope your week has been treating you well so far! Today I’m back with another must haves of my color series! Blue nail polish is my FAVORITE color to shop for and experiment with on my nails, so I’m excited to share my top picks with you all! Remember, these are my go-to shades from all brands that I’ve tried. I hope you all find a few new favorites for yourself! Let’s get started!

Essie In The Cabana

essie in the cabana

I can’t describe how much I’m obsessed with this shade! Essie has been my favorite brand when it comes to blue polish choices, as you’ll see. This polish has amazing pigmentation and is opaque in only ONE coat! It’s a cool toned sky blue that I wear all the time during the Summer months!

Essie Butler Please

essie butler please

Hands down my number one blue polish..from any brand..ever! This is a huge fan favorite as well, and it’s currently sold out on Essie’s website. I have linked an Amazon page where you can find it if you click the photo! As you can tell, its the most gorgeous royal blue that is completely opaque in two coats. “I Sea The Point” from China Glaze is also a really close dupe for this. A knockout for sure!

Essie Bikini So Teeny

essie bikini so teeny

This is the first blue polish I ever purchased from Essie years and years ago. It is still one of my favorites because it is so unique! It is a powdery pastel blue that actually has micro sparkles throughout the polish! The sparkle is so fine that you can’t tell until you’re in the sunlight. It is beautiful on so many skin tones!

Wet N Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint

i need a refresh-mint

I recommend this entire line from Wet N Wild if you are looking for an affordable line with great quality. This shade is a light blue-mint that is my top choice during the Spring. The formula is strongly pigmented and is completely opaque in one coat!

That’s it for the blues. Thank you all so much for stopping by! I hope you found some new favorites for your own collection. Let me know which color you’d like to see my picks for next week. Love and light! :)

XX, Amy

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45 thoughts on “Blue Nail Polishes You Must Have!

  1. These are all so pretty and iv’e been wanting a blue nail polish, but which one do you reccomend the most? You also should check out my blog, and follow it if you like it. Love your blog by the way!


  2. I’ve wanted butler please for so long and could never find it anywhere in shops, I think I’ll have to buy it online because everyone says it’s amazing :) x


  3. I love butler please!! I nominated you for the sisterhood of the world blogger award! I also said you were one of my favourite bloggers in one of the answers to the question!xx

    Liked by 1 person

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