Top China Glaze Polishes for Summer

Hi loves!

I have been in the process of moving all this week, so I’ve had a chance to go through my entire nail polish collection. I was inspired to put together this post all about my favorite polishes from China Glaze! This is easily in my top three polish brands, so I wanted to share some that I know you all will love to own. Lets get started!

1. Too Yacht To Handle

Too Yacht To Handle

A gorgeous minty blue that seems to be one of China Glaze’s best sellers. It’s very close to being a classic Tiffany blue shade!

2. I Sea The Point

I Sea The Point

This is a deep electric blue that reminds me of Essie’s Butler Please, which is GORGEOUS! I like to call it a dark neon shade…if that makes sense, haha!

3. Kiwi Cool-Ada

Kiwi Cool-Ada

This neon lime green polish is one of my personal favorites for the summertime. Your next manicure will definitely stand out with this shade!

4. Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini

Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini

One of the most wearable yellow polishes I’ve seen. It is a tad cool toned which makes it look great on many skin tones!

5. Are You Jelly?

Are You Jelly?

You know I had to include a purple in my top picks! This is a deep medium toned purple that is a jelly formula. So gorgeous on the nails and toes!

6. Flip Flop Fantasy

Flip Flop Fantasy

You know the drill with this shade. A stunning coral and pink toned neon polish that is a fan favorite during the summer months!

Thank you all so much for reading! Just a heads up, clicking the polish names will send you through to purchase these polishes on Amazon using my affiliate links if you’d like! I hope your day is amazing, love and light! :)

XX, Amy

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11 thoughts on “Top China Glaze Polishes for Summer

  1. I have never tried China Glaze polishes before but I love the look of Flip Flop Fantasy – it’s so pretty! xxx


  2. Oh wow, “Are You Jelly” looks amazing! I don’t own a purple jelly and I think I need that one!
    I have Flip Flop Fantasy in my untried pile, I should take it out for a pedi polish!


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