How to Get Long & Healthy Nails Fast!

Hi beauties!

Today I wanted to share my personal tips for growing healthy nails fast! This has been one of my most requested posts, so I hope you enjoy! If you have anymore questions that I didn’t cover in the video, please leave them below!

Thank you so much for watching! I hope this was helpful and maybe you learned something new. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog for new posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Love and light!

XX, Amy


YouTube Channel: Polished by Amy

Instagram: @polishedbyamy


9 thoughts on “How to Get Long & Healthy Nails Fast!

  1. I ran out of my hair, skin, and nails vitamins and my nails are really suffering! I use a soy based natural nail polish remover that is GREAT because I can’t stand strong smells and it also doesn’t dry them out! I needed to add my Nailtiques back in, too. I had tried a formaldehyde free strengthener and it was a big old fail :( So here I am at square 1 again growing out my shorties!


  2. Thanks for the tips! I’ve been growing my nails out since January and made so much progress; it’s nice to add a few new bits of advice to my routine!


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