6 Nail Myths Busted!

Hey guys!

I wanted to reveal the truth behind a lot of myths we often hear when it comes to nails. Some of these I hear from clients and also see all over the Internet. Let me know of anymore myths you’d like me to prove true or false in the comments! So let’s get started!

  • Enhancements will ruin your nails!

False! The actual enhancement should never damage your nails. Any damage that you may have, occurs during the prepping of your nails and removal, if not done correctly. It may be wise to find a new salon if your nails keep getting damaged.

  • You should regularly clip your cuticles.

False! This is one myth I’ve had many people battle me on. Your cuticles (the actual eponychium is what we’re referring to) shouldn’t ever be cut. That skin that runs along your nail plate is there to protect the nail root. Cutting this away leaves you succeptible to many germs and possible infection. This also makes the cuticle grow back thicker each time.

  • Your nails need to breathe!

False! Many people believe you need to go periods without polish to let your nails “breathe”. This actually isn’t necessary as your nails are dead cells. Your nail plate is oxygenated from your blood flow, not from the top of your nail plate.

  • You can dry your nails fast by putting them in cold water!

False! I’ve seen this suggestion EVERYWHERE and it’s simply not true! Nail polish dries when the solvents evaporate. Therefore, submerging them in water will halt the drying process! You will actually be getting the opposite of your desired result!

  • White spots on your nails shows a calcium deficiency!

False! I’ve heard this one for years and years! The white spots you sometimes see on your nail plate indicates injury to the nail matrix (underneath the nail plate). There’s a nail disorder term for this which is called leukonychia. This can be anything from slamming your nails in a door, to having a rough manicure.

  • You’ll get big knuckles if you crack them all the time!

False! I have believed this one myself for years! When you pop your knuckles, you actually just pop the air pockets between joints in your fingers. It cannot make your knuckles larger (thank goodness!).

How many of these have you been guilty of believing before?? I know I have believed a few of these myself. I hope this post was helpful to you all and maybe you learned something cool today. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog for new posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Have an awesome Friday loves! :)

XX, Amy

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55 thoughts on “6 Nail Myths Busted!

  1. Very interesting post. I have ridges that run horizontally down my ring finger nails and they’re generally weaker than the rest of my nails. They’re not huge but I was just wondering if you have any advice or product recommendations, or even changes I could make to my diet, for strengthening those nails.


    1. Hey girly! If the ridges of your nails are running vertically down your nails this is a common occurrence in many people and mainly means the nail just needs more hydration. To help, make sure you are using cuticle oil or thick lotion on your nails frequently. If the ridges are running horizontally across your nails, this can be a sign of an illness you have or may be getting over. Also, keeping a good diet/vitamin supplements for a few months will help! :)

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      1. Thanks that makes a lot of sense now. Another quick question I have is when I’m putting moisturiser on my hands, do my bare nails benefit at all or is in only the cuticle that can absorb the moisture because the nail is essentially ‘dead’


  2. Very interesting! I always thought your nails needed to “breathe” – now I don’t need to worry about it :)


  3. Very informative thanks! I have white spots on my big toes and thought the same thing about calcium. Also thought it could possibly be fungus?!?! It’s extremely brittle. What are your thoughts?


    1. Thank you for stopping by girly! If there is just small white spots randomly on the nail plate, it’s most likely from small bumps or damage that will grow out in time. If you notice yellow/green spots or thickening of the nail, it may be a fungus. If so, dabbing tea tree oil on the nail will clear it right up! :)

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  4. I am so guilty when it comes to putting my nails under cold running water to dry my nail polish faster. I always thought it was true because it was recommended everywhere 😂


  5. I feel like that do do bird from cartoons lol. Wow, boy was I wrong. I have a tip that I just learned. I used to think I had kidney problems when I took polish off and my nail beds were yellow. Polish remover never worked, a lil whitening toothpaste did the trick to remove the stain


    1. Yes, I’ve heard of many people trying toothpaste as well! It helps to use a really good base coat under all your polish to try to prevent the staining if you can. Also, using a buffing block helps remove that layer too! Thanks for reading girly!! :)


  6. As always, you are so on point. I’ve been trying to convince my customers for years that they needn’t let their nail beds “breathe.” I am totally sharing your super informative posting on my Facebook page as well as my blog. You are the BEST, Girlfriend! <3

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  7. I have yet to go to a salon that does NOT damage my nails…My natural nails are very thin, flexible, and instead of curving “down”, they curve up as they grow…drives me BONKERS! If you have a recommendation for that – please let me know!….I love getting a full set of gel nails, but again, damage is always there – I honestly considered it normal! Thank you for this post – great info!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by girly! The condition of your nails is best fixed/helped from the inside! So maintaining a healthy diet and vitamin supplements are essential! Your nails grow very slowly so stay patient! Also, make sure your nail tech is not filing your natural nail plate before the gel application. Buffing is sometimes necessary, but it should be very lightly. When its time for removal, make sure you are having them soaked with acetone (around 5-10 minutes), and gently wipe off any excess. Never file or peel away the gel as this is where most damage occurs! I hope this help! :)

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  8. Great post! And thanks for telling it like it is. Unfortunately some ladies still believe that cutting their cuticles is a good idea. And I’m still speechless when I hear someone say ‘you need to let your nails breathe’.


  9. Never heard from anyone that we should cut cuticle all the time. I think just I don’t have around me people who are very into nails:) I cut it from time to time but I wish not to do that..but sometimes doesn’t matter how hard I try to take care of it it gets ugly and I can’t stand it:D

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  10. I have psoriasis and of the nails, *sad face. When my stress is low, it improves. When my stress rises, it gets worse way quickly, *more sad face. I have two normal nails *hopeful face.

    Any thoughts on how to reduce the effect of psoriasis on my nails?


    1. Hi there!! I know that your doctor can prescribe you certain medicines and ointments for your nails to treat your symptoms. Also, for at home care you can make sure to keep your nails trimmed short and filed smoothly so they don’t catch on anything. And it can also be helpful to keep cuticle oil on them after they been exposed to water a lot. I hope this helps!! :)

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  11. I have heard of the first three before but never the last three. It’s amazing what we believe over time. I never took them seriously though. Nice post.


  12. Such great tips! I always stick my fingers in ice cold water after painting them. I rotate my hands to avoid my fingers freezing off! Glad to know I can stop that torture!


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