Gel Manicures | Myths Debunked

Hi loves!

Today I wanted to chat with you all about one of the most popular trends at the moment…GEL POLISH!

gel polish

Gel polish and hard gel have become requested in my salon more so than any other nail enhancement. I myself, love to wear gel to keep my manicure lasting for weeks and keep my nails strong! I thought it would be helpful to let you all in on some important facts about gel and debunk some common myths! So let’s get started!

Does gel polish really ruin your nails?

This is definitely a myth that stops many people from taking the leap. Gel polish itself does not make any damage to your nail plate. Majority of the time, the damage occurs during removal. Oftentimes, when your gel starts to peek or chip, people tend to peel the rest of the gel off. This actually peels up layers of your own nails making them thin and brittle. The best removal is soaking with acetone for five minutes and gently scraping off any excess!

Is gel polish just like acrylic?

Many people are confused by what gel polish actually is. Most are familiar with getting a full set of acrylics and a gel topcoat and calling them “gel nails”. This is incorrect. Gel polish is applied like a normal polish and cured (hardened) with UV or LED light. Hard gel is a gel substance similar in chemical makeup to acrylic that is much harder and more durable. Hard gel cannot be soaked off, it must be filed away.

Is gel polish better for your nails than acrylic?

I’ve heard this question very frequently from clients. It’s a common myth that acrylic is so terrible for your nails and gel is actually much better. This isn’t entirely true. Like I stated earlier for gel, acrylic damage occurs in the removal as well. Your nail tech could also be damaging your nails by using an electric file (drill) when applying your acrylics. This seems to be what convinces people that gel would be so much better. Once again, with all enhancements, it’s all about correct application and removal! If your nails are being damaged…it’s time to find a new nail tech!

Is that UV light harmful for my hands? Is it the same as a tanning bed?

Many people have been worried about putting their hands inside a UV light to harden their polish and that’s understandable. However, there is actually no danger to your skin. Studies have shown (and I will link a few articles from Nails Magazine here), that you are subject to more UV exposure by simply walking to your mailbox and back, than you are by getting a gel manicure! Regardless, there are gloves created that clients can wear to ease anyone’s concerns they may still have!

That’s it’s for now lovelies!! Thank you guys once again for reading! I hope this was helpful and you’ve learned something fun today! Remember, you can expect new posts on this blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so please subscribe so you don’t miss them! As always, leave any questions or suggestions in the comments below! Have an awesome Monday beauties! :)

XX, Amy

*Polish used in photo: Flip Flop Fantasy by Gelaze (China Glaze)

*Post contains affiliate links. Sources named above: Nails Magazine


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