Nail Tech Q&A | All Your Questions Answered!

Hi loves!

Today’s post is for all of those nail lovers and aspiring nail techs out there! I have had many questions lately about specific aspects of my nail career from those looking to become a nail tech one day as well. So, I thought it would be helpful to create a post just for you all! I hope this answers most of your questions. If I have missed any, please leave them in the comments and I will answer them asap! So lets jump right in! :)

  • Proper attire for nail techs?

This was a fun question I’ve never gotten before and the answer is relative. If you are doing nails in a salon environment, that salon may require a certain dress code you should follow. Most salons, like the one I currently work at, require some pieces of black clothing. You can never go wrong with wearing black and it always looks very professional. Even if you are working as a traveling nail tech or you don’t have a certain dress code, black is always a great choice. You will always look clean and polished!

  • Appropriate pricing for nail services?

This answer is also relative. If you are working for yourself as a booth renter or traveling tech, you have the luxury of setting your own prices for your services. When figuring out what to charge you should take into account the area you are working, the type of services you offer, and the quality of your own work. Never be discouraged to charge WHAT YOU ARE WORTH. Never apologize about charging a pretty penny when your work is top notch and done beautifully. In the same respect, if you are new to the business, and still learning certain trades such as acrylic, you may not want to start at the highest price point. Charge fairly for the quality of services you are giving to your clients. As your skills and experience grow, so can your prices!

  • Do you use a drill?

I personally do not use an electric drill in my work. My focus is working on the natural nail so a drill is unnecessary for the services I offer. If you offer acrylics or hard gel, I do recommend a drill if you want to speed up the entire process. I used a traditional hand file when I offered them because I wasn’t trained enough with a drill to be completely comfortable.

  • What type of drill would you recommend?

As I said before, I didn’t use a drill often enough in my own services to recommend a perfect one for you. I did however, purchase a drill from Amazon when I first became licensed because it had amazing reviews for a beginner. I will link it here if you’d like to check it out for yourself!

  • What type of UV lamp do you use?

I purchased my personal UV lamp from Amazon and I will link it here. I love this lamp because it is twice the size of the typical lamp used in many salons. This actually allows you to cure both hands at the same time! It is also wide enough that I can offer gel PEDICURES! How awesome is that?! I also use a CND UV lamp at my nail table in the salon. However, if I had to recommend a dream lamp, it would definitely be an LED lamp! These lamps cure your gel in HALF the time as the UV lamps. I used an LED lamp from Essie in my last salon and I fell in love! :)

  • How long do these lamps take to cure your nails?

If you are using a UV lamp, each layer of polish will take about a minute and a half to harden. If you are using a LED lamp, base coat will take only 10 seconds and each layer will only take about 30 seconds to harden! I recommend the LED clearly!

  • Tips for packing lighter as a traveling nail tech?

Number one trick to traveling lighter is disposable tools. I use orangewood sticks as cuticle pushers instead of multiple sets of metal ones. I also like to transfer all of my liquid products into small travel bottles which saves space and weight in your kit. Acetone, cuticle remover, lotion, alcohol, etc, fit into this category.

  • Do you carry multiple sets of tools?

I typically only carry two (sometimes three) of each metal tool I will use. This is because you can use one tool on your client while the other is being sanitized. This will make sure you aren’t carrying too much and weighing down your kit. I always carry more than enough of the disposable tools because you will go through those much quicker.

  • Tips for building clients when you’re just beginning?

This is all about patience honestly. I have just completed my first year of being licensed and I can tell you from experience its a waiting game. Many veteran techs admit it takes a good two years to finally build a client base. There will be lots of days where you will sit at the salon and wait for walk ins, etc. Don’t get discouraged and keep doing amazing work. As long as you do your best to make your clients experience awesome, they will be return clients. Also, its a great idea to do the foot work and get your face and business card out to as many people as you can!

That’s all for now guys! I hope this was helpful to you! Remember, if you have anymore questions leave them in the comments for me! I hope your day is fabulous! :)

XX, Amy

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  1. Hello Amy! I’m not aiming to become a nail tech, but I really admire your work! There’s some people that wants to pay the less as possible, but the only thing they will get is bad products for our nails. Keep on writing such an interesting posts! <3 I'm a nails lover as well.

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