Pedicure Dangers??

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Today I wanted to chat about pedicures with you all! As a nail tech myself, I am a stickler for sanitation and safety when it comes to pedicures in a salon. I thought it would be helpful to share some important information that you as a client may not be aware of. When you go into a salon and pay for your services, you should be aware of some potential dangers that you may run into and not actually realize! So lets just jump right in!

Don’t shave your legs!?

Did you know its suggested that you do NOT shave your legs at least 48 hours prior to going in for a pedicure?? Whether you can notice it or not, your legs can have micro-abrasions from shaving. So its important to think about this before you go to a salon and use a foot bath. This can lead to potential infections if the pedicure spas are not disinfected properly.

What’s hiding in those spa drains?!

Its always important to ask (if you haven’t witnessed this) when your pedicure bath has been last sanitized. In many states, salons are required to keep a cleaning log so you don’t ever have to worry. This includes taking the cover off of the drains as well. For your own safety, it’s also important to know if your nail tech has properly sanitized the implements they use on your feet. Too often I have seen techs get “clean” implements out of the same drawer they throw the dirty tools in. If you ever see anything that makes you uncomfortable, its always okay to speak up or get out of the situation. There have been far too many accounts of women getting infections and even diseases from re-used tools and dirty pedicure baths!

Illegal tools?!

Speaking of tools…have you ever had those “cheese grater” looking tools used on your feet to remove a callus or rough skin? Run away and don’t look back! These are illegal as they are very harmful to your skin and cause abrasions as well.

Well guys, I hope all of these points have made you think and learned some new things today. My hope is that this can make your pedicure experience more healthy and enjoyable! These facts should be more common knowledge to assure you are taken care of in any salon environment. Thank you all so much for stopping by and reading. I hope your day is fabulous!

XX, Amy


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45 thoughts on “Pedicure Dangers??

  1. Reading this was very helpful. I typically shave my legs before going to get a pedicure (when I have time to pamper myself) because I feel that it is not right to have hairy legs when my pant legs are pulled up. But now I will make it a point to either shave my legs earlier or just suck it up. Thanks for the post!


  2. I never go to pedicures, I’m actually not really into doing my nails, especially pedicures, at all, but that manicure on the photo is perfect!

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  3. AMAZING post! I feel like everyone should read this! I used to be an esthetician so I know of these dangers well! Have you ever seen a case of bacterial tuberculosis on the lower legs? Not pretty. This bacteria lives quite happily in unsanitized pedicure bath drains. I generally don’t like going for manis and pedis because I feel I do a better job myself, but when I do treat myself, I bring my own tools. And no no no on those gross foot planes/cheese graters!!! Horrible accident waiting to happen…


  4. I’m getting scared with your post! I’ve never went for a manicure or pedicure… basically, I have nice nails, and I’m not so bad at taking care of them. However, I’m thinking about having a shellac pedicure just before the summer so I don’t touch my feet for a looong time :)
    What do you think about Shellac?

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  5. I had a pedicure last year that scarred me for life. The technician used the “cheese grater” so much on my heels that they were bleeding. They were sore for weeks and they’ve NEVER been the same. Now I’m super cautious about where I get my pedicures. Thanks for sharing this!


  6. Good to know! I totally won’t shave my legs before going to my next pedicure appointment. They don’t like too bad! lol I really didn’t know about that. Btw you’re toe nails are too cute in the above picy! :)


      1. It really was! I think a lot of people don’t really know what’s safe or not when it comes to nail salons. I’ve had friend catch some really bad infections from tools the were not properly sanitized.


  7. Oh wow, the salon u go to use that cheese grater looking tool on everyone. They also give you evil looks when you ask them to use your own tools, i.e pumice stone, nail clipper, etc.

    This was a much needed read


    1. I know! They definitely don’t make it easy on the customer, that’s for sure. It’s important to stand strong and don’t let them sway you because it’s your health at risk! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post! :)

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    1. I welcome it! I don’t have a problem with them wanting to feel completely sanitary and safe. I actually use only disposable implements, so they are only used on one client and then thrown out! Just to make sure everything is sanitary :)

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