Nails of the Day

Hi loves!

I wanted to get up a quick post to show you what I’m rocking on my nails right now!

nails of the day

Polishes Used:

I’m currently wearing my nails super short with no enhancements. I’m aiming to give them a few weeks to “breathe” and get stronger from all of the acrylic and gel polish. I’m also planning some beginner nail art tutorials and nail wrap demos for you all to recreate at home on your own natural nails! Make sure you’re following this blog so you don’t miss them!

Also, to answer some frequently asked questions from my nail pictures:

  • These are my natural nails
  • I use normal polish unless otherwise stated
  • All nail art is done with polish or acrylic paint
  • All nail art is hand designed

Thank you guys for reading! Have a fabulous day!

XX, Amy

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YouTube Channel: Polished by Amy

Instagram: @polishedbyamy


50 thoughts on “Nails of the Day

  1. I love them! My kind of style! Have you ever tried the sally hansen miracle gel polishes with the gel top coat? I was looking at them the other day but the top coat wasnt available so i decided to wait and was just wondering if its really worth $16 for both the polish and top coat?! Or if the polish would be fine without the gel top coat.


    1. Hey girly! I haven’t tried that brand in particular but I do know that gel polish alone MUST be topped with a gel top coat. The formula in gel polish isn’t created to cure (harden) by itself. So it will always be tacky and the polish will rub off. So, if its a brand you really want to try I would recommend getting the topcoat and your favorite color to start off! I hope that helps! :)

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  2. That matte black nail is changing my life…might have to pick up that top coat! And the glitter accent nail, don’t get me started. LOVE! Looking forward to nail art for beginners, I am hopeless in this department :)


    1. Yay! This comment made me smile! I’m glad you like them, that matte topcoat is super cheap and looks awesome over any polish. And my beginner nail art is coming soon! I already have some videos on my YouTube channel you can check out if you’d like! :)


  3. I love the mix of effects and the matte black looks amazing, it’s making me want to dig out my matte top coat and give it a go. I tended to use it on all nails but having it on just one, especially with the glitter right next to it, is a great idea and makes both stand out more I think.


    1. You totally should go for it! This manicure was completely random and I almost painted them all matte but I’m glad I didn’t. I really like how it turned out. Thanks for stopping by girly! :)


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