My First Collaborating Experience..

Hi guys!

As you may recall, I created a post before Valentine’s Day to show you some bridal makeup inspired by certain wedding gowns. That post was in collaboration with the company Loverly. After many offers, this was my first time agreeing to a collab with anyone on my blog. That being said, I was so excited to work with a company to provide my readers with relevant content that they could enjoy and hopefully benefit from. It didn’t however, turn out to be the best decision for me. I wanted to share my story with you guys. Hopefully this will help you all if and when you are approached by companies.

I was approached by Loverly at the beginning of February asking to collaborate on a bridal beauty post for you all. They asked me to feature a few of their wedding dresses and create makeup looks inspired by them. I was so excited with Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought the content would be fabulous for this blog. In return, Loverly agreed to feature my post and blog on their social media platforms. I was grateful for this agreement because it would allow my blog to reach a larger audience. I was asked to make my post live within a certain time frame, include specific links, and feature dresses from a certain page on their site. I complied with every request and had the post up for you guys before Valentine’s Day! Many of you enjoyed and I had great feedback! However, after sharing the post with Loverly, I didn’t receive the benefits I was promised. I was in communication with a woman “not in the social media department”, that could only apologize and promise to get my information to “the correct department”.

As you can tell, I was given the run around for weeks. After a few more emails expressing my concern and confusion, I am still in the same position, with no more answers. All in all, this company has gotten what they wanted, a complete feature on my blog for my audience. They have not given anything in return, not even the one promised feature. Imagine my frustration with this company being my first collaboration with my beloved readers and them not holding up their end of the bargain. So here we are, almost a month after the fact, and I am telling my story. I’m very certain I am not alone in this, so I wanted to share so you all could be aware as I was not at the time. It’s very easy for companies to approach certain blogs to get free advertisement and publicity and get everything they ask. However, sometimes it ends with the blogger getting the wrong end of the deal.

I am not speaking ill of the company as a whole, but I want every smaller blogger to be aware and not be used by companies who don’t care about you or your readers. It’s all about the sales and publicity with some of these businesses and you have to always look out for your and your blog’s best interest.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I will update you all with any changes but I honestly don’t expect any. I hope this was helpful to you all! I’d love to hear your story if you had something similar happen to you, please share!

XX, Amy

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45 thoughts on “My First Collaborating Experience..

  1. Thank you for sharing! It’s good to know who we should stay away from, the same thing happened to me but with someone else. The easiest thing to do is to just forgive, there are many people like this who take advantage of bloggers. I only recommend deleting their links, there’s no reason to help them raise their page rank since they are just Liars. Sorry this happened to you, you really didn’t deserve it!

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  2. That’s so off-putting :( I don’t think some of these bigger entities realize how much time and consideration goes into one post like that. It’s extremely inconsiderate of them not to hold up their end of the deal. I hope your next collab experience is a good one, though. I’ve never done one myself, but I’ve heard how rewarding they can be when you find someone you mesh with.

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    1. I had high hopes with this first one for sure. It sucks when your blog is your baby and you help advertise for a company that doesn’t really care about you. I’ve learned my lesson for next time though! On to bigger and better things! :)

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  3. Thank you for sharing your experience Amy! <3 It's really disappointing how you didn't get your end of the deal. :( But I really appreciate you sharing how collaborations might not always go the way as planned so every blogger will now be more weary about the entire process!


  4. That really stinks that happened to you especially after you complied with everything they wanted :( I did a similar post with a different company and they wanted me to change a couple of things. I only changed the link and told them I couldn’t change more since it wouldn’t be true to my identity and they were fine with it. They didn’t promise me anything but if they did I would have been furious if they wouldn’t have kept up their end of the bargain. Thank you for letting your readers know about this incident xoxo Janet


    1. It’s ridiculous what they ask bloggers sometimes. They claimed to LOVE my post and only asked me to add a few specific links and I complied. I believe they are stringing me along so I don’t give this type of review about them honestly. Thank you so much for reading! :)


  5. how terribly rude of them! your feature post was AMAZING and you definitely deserved the exposure! I hope your next collab will be a better experience (:


  6. I’m so sorry to hear about this but thanks for bringing it to light as I am sure many bloggers out there will appreciate this information. What these companies don’t realize though is that exposure through social media works both ways. They were able to get exposure through your blog but at the same time you posting this also exposes them for what they really are and undermines not only their credibility but also the company’s values and attitudes towards their consumers.


    1. I totally agree, the agreement would have been mutually beneficial. When they initially contacted me they didn’t want to give anything in return for my post. I had to approach them about a fair agreement and they finally offered social media features. In the end they still got what they wanted. Something for nothing :/

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  7. Thats disgusting they used you like that, shouldnt be allowed to get away with it, i would wait and see of they do hold their end of the bargain then delete the post with their info. Obviously i know some others arent like that but i definitely would


  8. Its unfortunate that Loverly has taken that path. I’m glad you posted this as I have seen at least one other blogger write a post about them too and I hope they are not going through the same. Shame on you Loverly!!


  9. It’s great that you’re sharing your experience so others can hopefully avoid it im the future. Way to turn your negative into something to better the blogging community! I’m sorry that you held up your end of your bargain only to have them to not uphold theirs. You have shown yourself as a person of integrity and that matters. Sending positive vibes your way xx

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  10. Congrats love! :) I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for a Creative Blogger Award. Rules and post are on my page, I’ll link it. If you have already been nominated, please feel free to do another one. :) Love your blog. <3


  11. What a shame :( I don’t think ALL companies are like this but it’s really quite disgusting that this one couldn’t at the very least keep their word. I haven’t done a lot of collabs but I’ve had pretty good experiences so far.


  12. :( oh man, that’s a bummer. Thank you for writing up the post and sharing your experiences about collaborating with a company. It’s just crap how companies can take advantage of you and never seal the deal appropriately. Again, thank you for the post. Chin up though, you’ve got amazing followers both here and YouTube that are here for you :)

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  13. As someone who’s done the collaborating thing as both a brand pr and a blogger – have the companies sign a contract. And, if the company has not delivered what they promised you in exchange for a feature you are 100% free to take down the feature and replace it with a post linking back to the company site and talking about what a negative, scummy experience it has been to “work” with them. That would hurt their SEO and reputation a lot more.


    1. I definitely took the post down and emailed them telling them how disappointed I was. Even worse, I didn’t get a response from them until I went on their FACEBOOK page and commented under one of their posts. It was of some silly Kim Kardashian rumor post that was completely irrelevant to their company. After commenting how they would post something so ridiculous instead of a promised feature from a blogger, they finally contacted me to apologize. I am so done with them.


  14. I’m sorry :( that was utterly unethical, and yes, you’ve certainly be shortchanged. Was there a written agreement or contract of sorts, to which you can reference, in pushing your case?


  15. That’s really sad that you were let down like that. I bet you put a lot of time and effort into the post. Glad you have taken it down but it’s such a shame that they have not kept up their end of the deal. :-(


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