Ask Me Questions!

Hi beauties!
polished by amy
I am putting together a Q&A post that will go up this week. On many of my posts I tend to get some of the same questions so I wanted to dedicate a post answering everything I can for you guys! Feel free to ask any questions that may be beauty and/or nails related. You can leave any questions in the comments below this post and I will hopefully answer them all in one of this week’sΒ post!

So far, I will be answering questions about my nails (nail care, techniques, natural or enhancements, etc) and beauty. Many of you all have also asked about my career and how I got into the beauty industry. I will be covering it all! So make sure to check back to see your questions answered!

I hope this will be super helpful for you all. Thanks for all the love guys!

XX, Amy


YouTube channel: Polished by Amy

Instagram: @polishedbyamy

Twitter: _amymarie_


5 thoughts on “Ask Me Questions!

  1. Ooh this is exciting! Can’t wait for your post. :) Here’s my question – which are your current favorite makeup and nails trends, and which are your least favorite?


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