Winged Liner Tutorial | Smokey Eye

Hi beauties!

Welcome to my first makeup tutorial, sped up and up close and personal! I’ve had SO many requests for this eye look so I decided to finally film it! Go easy on me, there are many things I need to tweak before my next tutorial (lighting/quality), but I hope you enjoy! If you want to learn how I get my smokey cat eye look, then keep watching! :)

Thanks so much for watching! I was so nervous to film this, but I hope it was helpful! Feel free to leave any video or post suggestions for me for future tutorials. I hope your day is amazing :)

XX, Amy


YouTube channel: Polished by Amy

GoFundMe Campaign: Polished by Amy


8 thoughts on “Winged Liner Tutorial | Smokey Eye

  1. Reblogged this on glittery·moss and commented:
    We just wanted to do a little reblog of a blog that we love, Polished by Amy! A few days ago, I, in my blogging infancy, tried to reblog a post that Amy did for a giveaway that she was doing. I didn’t completely realize what reblogging was until I went back and checked our site to see it! I realized that a photo didn’t auto populate into our template so I deleted the reblog with the intentions of figuring out how to make a photo populate on our homepage for the post! Long story short, I got busy and never did it, sooooo I just wanted to give Amy and her awesome blog a quick little shout out! The giveaway is over but we love her so here ya go! Check out this awesome winged liner tutorial that she’s done and follow her! You’ll be glad you did! :)


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