Connect With Me!

Hi beauties! Let’s be internet besties!

I just wanted to get up a quick post letting you know where else you can find me on social media! I post pretty regularly and always give updates and take requests for my blog and videos! I’d love for us to be friends! I’ll leave my links below and you can leave yours in the comments if you’d like. Also, let me know if you have a YouTube channel, I’d love to watch your videos too! Also, keep a look out for my first makeup tutorial coming next week! I’m so excited!

Thanks guys!
XX, Amy

YouTube channel:

Instagram: @polishedbyamy

Twitter: @_amymarie_



PS: I’m planning a GIVEAWAY for my followers when I hit 1,000! Its getting close, so leave me some ideas of beauty products you’d like to see in the giveaway! :)


15 thoughts on “Connect With Me!

    1. I’m still super new myself, but so far I’ve learned just go for it! Even if you may be shy, aren’t sure what to post, or don’t have a large following, do it anyway! You have to start sometime and you will thank yourself later. Trust me! Just do what you enjoy and it will come easily :)


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