Makeup Haul | Makeover Essentials

Hi loves!

Today I have a makeup haul from the brand Makeover Essentials!

makeover essentials

The first product I want to show you is the Essential Face Color Kit.

This palette has nine eyeshadow shades, two blush shades, and two lip shades. The blushes are the most pigmented of all the colors in this haul. I really enjoy the matte pink shade the most. The eyeshadows are also pretty pigmented and smooth! I haven’t tried the lip shades because I’m normally NOT a fan of these lip stick pans.

This next palette is the Baby Doll Color Kit!

This palette is perfect to throw in your purse when your on the go! It has four lip shades, two shadow shades, and a blush. (The blush is under that round applicator in the top left. It’s a brown toned coral blush)

I have to say the shadows do not give off much color payoff when I swatched them. The blush however is pretty pigmented as well as the lip shades!

This last palette is the Simply There Eye and Lip Color Kit.

This one has three lip shades and three shadow shades. All of the shadow shades are matte which I love! Besides the black, the other two shades are so light there isn’t much of a color pay off. They could be used as transition shades on the lid however.

The last product in this haul are makeup remover wipes! These are freshly scented and claim to remove waterproof makeup as well. They also are a pretty wet wipe, which I love when removing my eye makeup!

That’s it for this haul loves, I hope you enjoyed! Over all I would only suggest the first palette above them all. It’s the most pigmented and best color variety! Also, check out my video on this haul on my YouTube page where I include swatches! Makeup Haul

Have a fabulous day loves!
XX, Amy


YouTube Channel: Polished by Amy

Instagram: @polishedbyamy


10 thoughts on “Makeup Haul | Makeover Essentials

  1. I have their lip addiction set and I think its pretty good. 4 different lipglosses that can be used on their own or over lipstick. I think their lip products work out a little better than the eyeshadows. What do you think?


  2. I’ve never heard of this brand before but some of the palettes looks very promising. Do you order them just online or are they available in some stores?
    BTW thanks for visiting my blog, I just followed you. Hope you can follow me too!=)



    1. As far as I know they can only be ordered online or through a rep for them. There website is if you’re interested! And I followed you as well, thanks for the support! :)


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