Thank you so much for reading! I just wanted to send out  a ton of hugs and happy vibes to each and every one of you who read my blog. You have no idea how much it means to me to have so many people take the time out of their day to read, like, comment, and subscribe to my posts! I am forever grateful to everyone who has helped my blog become as successful as it is. I am definitely still building my empire ;) but you all have allowed me to continue writing about what I am passionate about. So thank you once again!

This month marks my 6 month anniversary of starting my blog. As I look back over these past months, I realize I have grown so much and all of my followers have helped me to do so. Being apart of the beauty community here and on YouTube, has allowed me to follow my passion. My career as a nail technician and beauty blogger is where my heart is and I am forever grateful to be able to grow my career every single day. My long term goals are to continue sharing my passion with others who share the same ones and reach as many beauty/nail lovers as I possibly can!

So to wrap up, I just want to thank you again for your support and love! That being said, I want to also continue putting out content that you will enjoy and hopefully benefit from! So please feel free to leave a comment telling me what posts you’d like to see from me. It makes my day to get to chat with you guys on here and my YouTube  channel!

Have an amazing day dolls! Love and light!

XX, Amy




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