Nail Biter/Healthy Nails Tips

Hi loves!

Today I wanted to share some tips and tricks for all of you nail biters out there! I’ve had several requests to post some ways to help kick the habit and have healthy nails. This post will also be beneficial for anyone wanting to have better nail health in general!

My first tip starts with health on the inside. For the best nail health possible, its important to have a healthier diet. I recommend cutting out greasy, poor foods and make sure to drink LOTS of water!

Its also important to moisturize daily. I am a huge believer in using cuticle serums every day. I personally use the “Mighty” cuticle serum from Julep or an off brand from Sally Beauty Supply. It honestly does not matter what kind, as long as you apply regularly. Also make sure to rub the oil into your nail plate and surrounding skin to allow the oil to penetrate and do its job!

Another tip that will help keep your nails stronger and healthier in the long run is using a non-acetone nail polish remover. Acetone is extremely drying to your nails and the skin around them. When you do have to remove your nail polish, its best to use a non-acetone polish remover (I use Beauty Secrets from Sally Beauty Supply) and follow up with cuticle oil.

If you are someone who enjoys keeping their nails manicured, I would suggest nail enhancements. Acrylic are gel polish is a great way to break the habit because you aren’t able to reach your natural nail. If you would rather something with less commitment, I suggest press on nails. These are very affordable and can be found at almost any drugstore. They allow you to have the complete look of enhanced nails while being a more temporary and inexpensive option.

I hope these tips can help you all if you’re trying to kick the habit, or just have healthier nails! Thank you so much for reading!

XX, Amy



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