Life/Career Update!

Hi beauties!

Today I wanted to update you all on my progress in the nail and beauty world! I want to first thank every one of you for being so supportive of my blog! It means the world to me to receive all of your kind comments :)

I have some exciting news!
I will be featured in a few different professional nail magazines!! I will have nails featured in the November issue of Nail Pro Magazine as well as a full interview and my work published on their website RIGHT NOW! :) Here is the link if you want to read my interview: Nailed Down

I also will have a feature in the January issue of NAILS Magazine!! This feature will showcase a nail art tutorial designed by me! I am over the moon about all of these opportunities and I’m so so grateful!

This is only the beginning for me. I plan on continuing this path and reach more and more nail lovers everyday! I also have started my Youtube channel Polished by Amy, and it’s all about nails and beauty! I’d love for you to check it out and hopefully subscribe if you enjoy!

Once again, thank you all so much for your kind words and support. You are helping to make my dreams come true everyday! Thanks so much for reading!

XX, Amy


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