Essie Gel Collection

Hi beauties!

Today I wanted to share another look inside my salon! We offer Essie gel polish with all the best colors!
essie gel
Here are my favorites for this time of year!
essie gel
Left to Right: (gel name and its polish equivalent)
Street Rocker– “Wicked”
Moody Mood– “Bahama Mama”
Break a Sweat– “Sexy Divide”
Puffer Up– “Chinchilly”
Dance Class– “Ballet Slippers”

My favorite from these is definitely Street Rocker! It is a gorgeous deep, deep purple that almost looks black from afar. Dance class is a close second because it’s the best palette cleanser in between dark colors. Too perfect for Fall!

We also have a color converter in the salon so you can discover YOUR favorite Essie shade in gel form!
essie gel
Keep an eye out for the CND Shellac collection and my favorites coming up soon!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe! :)

XX, Amy


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