Favorite Fall Polish

Hey Lovelies!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite OPI polish to wear in the Fall! These colors have become staples in all of my Fall looks and I’m obsessed with them all!


They are picking up slightly lighter on camera but in person they are all a bit darker.

From left to right:

Miami Beeta medium pink that goes with any outfit, day or night

Samoan Sanda gorgeous nude that is completely opaque with two coats

Anti-Bleaka warm, dark purple that looks so cozy on the nails

Also not pictured but one of my all time favorites is “Lincoln Park After Dark”. This is an extremely deep plum polish with slight blue undertones. Definitely check it out for yourself if you can. Other colors I’ve been loving are grey, black, and gold. They are all perfect for this time of year!

I would love to know what are your favorite polishes to wear during the Autumn season! Thanks so much for stopping by!

XX, Amy


6 thoughts on “Favorite Fall Polish

  1. Just purchased Samoan Sands last week and it’s already featured in two of my manis (including my current one!)! Love everything about it – application, drying time, colour!! Definitely going to be a favourite of mine for the next few months :) OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI is on my list of Fall colours to buy, and another of my favourites is Barry M Raspberry! AHHH love autumn! x


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