Product Review

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to review a product I received from Nails Magazine last week and share my thoughts. A package of “UV shields” from Youveeshield…
I found this to be a very interesting but simple concept that I’m honestly not sold on. These shields claim to protect your clients hands from any harmful UV exposure during a gel manicure.
I initially thought they were gloves but they are actually just a single layer of plastic with 6 slits in the ends. I tried one on to show you guys..
My opinion? You can definitely pass on picking these up if you don’t have any concerned clients. Studies have shown that certain time under UV lamps are no more harmful to you than walking to your car in the sun. The myth of UV lamps being damaging to your skin has been proved wrong.

Now don’t get me wrong, you will potentially have those clients who are still skeptical and these shields would be perfect for them! In my opinion, you could and probably should suggest your clients were a sunscreen on their hands for their visit. They can also find many hand lotions that have SPF in them.

So what are your thoughts on UV exposure during gel manicures? Have your clients ever showed concern? I’d love to hear from you!

I hope you guys enjoyed and thanks so much for reading!

XX, Amy


3 thoughts on “Product Review

  1. To be honest I have never even seen these before in my life, and I would never buy it :/. I use a uv lamp which is not dangerous at all for my clients, it does not color the skin or anything like that. They sometimes ask whether it does or if anything can happen, but calms down completely when I tell them that it is completely harmless. :)


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