Must Haves: Nails

Hello Beauties!!

Today I wanted to share with you some of my must haves I always reach for when it comes to my nails.

The first product I always find myself reaching for is my Out The Door Topcoat!
This by far is my favorite topcoat I’ve ever tried! It leaves a gorgeous shine, dries your polish quickly, and doesn’t streak my nail art. Also, one of the biggest reasons I love this topcoat is it doesn’t shrink my polish. I’ve found some quick dry topcoats(Seche Vite), tend to shrink around the sides of my manicures. Win!!

The next must have for my home salon is Super Nail’s cuticle oil.
This stuff is fab! This can be found at any Sally Beauty supply and is super affordable. I love to rubbed this into my nails and toenails anytime I’m feeling dry and it brings my cuticles back to life! You should definitely check this out! :)

And of course I always have to have a quick dry spray in my home salon. The one I always reach for is from Beauty Secrets.

And last but not least O.P.I polish!
Who doesn’t love some OPI right? These are a couple of my favorite ones a glitter and lilac, my loves!!

That’s it for this post! I’d love to hear what are your must have products for your nails! Let me know and don’t forget to subscribe! :)



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