BodiPure Review

Hi lovelies!!

Today’s post is a review of some samples I received from BodiPure!
They are advertised as “waterless manicure and pedicure treatments”. Inside are keratin infused gloves and socks that do all the nail work for you!
Each of these came with one pair of socks and gloves as well as a file. They are essentially a manicure all in one pouch! The instructions say to first file and shape the nails and toenails. All you have to do next is slip your hands and feet inside the bags filled with the keratin emulsion! What next?…wait!

You simply wear the treatment for 10-20 mins, massage over nail and cuticle area, and remove the gloves and socks! You can then massage the remaining emulsion treatment into your hands and feet to finish off!
Super simple steps leave you with amazingly smooth and hydrated skin! Keratin and urea help to strengthen and moisturize the nails while copaiba oil works as an antiseptic and anti inflammatory!

I will definitely be purchasing these in the future. I’ve even used the pedicure pouch on my boyfriend and he loved it!

If you’d like to check them out here’s the link to their site! BodiPure

Thanks so much for reading! Don’t forget to follow for more reviews coming soon!



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