Nail Life Update!

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to give an update on my career so far! I don’t think I’ve done a lifestyle post in a while so lots of stuff has happened!

First off, my job at the first salon I picked out of nail school is no longer. I decided after three months of working there that is wasn’t serving me. I was a “booth renter” in the salon and made my own prices/hours. It was an ideal situation in theory. However, the type of coworkers and set up of the salon wasn’t right for me. I made the decision to leave and had faith I will place myself in the perfect salon for me next…

Fast forward to two weeks ago. I dedicated some time to riding to a nearby city and making my name known in some salons I’ve had my eye on. One in particular I was super excited to go into. It is a more upscale salon, more upscale than any other salon in the surrounding area. I pitched myself, waited two days and called back to speak to the owner. To my surprise she was in need of a nail tech and was about to call me! It couldn’t have worked more perfectly!

I officially start at this salon in two days! I am thrilled to get to continue my career in such an amazing environment. All in all, this has been my dream job and dream location for a while now! I am so happy it’s finally manifested in my reality! Grateful!

I will be giving random updates throughout my beginning journey here. I’ll also try to get some pictures up so you guys can see my spot!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Please follow my blog if you haven’t already!



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