China Glaze Off Shore Summer 2014 Collection

Hi guys! Today’s post will be swatches of the new Off Shore Summer 2014 Collection from China Glaze!

china glaze

These polishes came out to the public in June and I was lucky enough to get to try them out! These were sent to me by China Glaze and I am so grateful I get to share these swatches with you all! All of the swatches are two coats with no topcoat.

Wait N’ Sea This is a gorgeous bright aqua blue. It applied perfectly and dries to a shiny finish. I see myself turning to this color all throughout the summer. Definitely one of my favorites!

china glaze

I Sea the Point This is a bright creme polish. It is very similar to Sally Hansen Pacific Blue or Essie Butler Please only a little more dull. It was the hardest out of all the colors to swatch. A little streaky and hard to work with but once applied, its gorgeous.

china glaze

X-Ta-Sea This polish applies like a crelly (creme/jelly) formula and was a bit difficult to make opaque. Once you do get an opaque application, the color is gorgeous!

china glaze

Dune Our Thing A beautiful creamy berry/fuchsia polish. This was a tad thin and streaky with one application, but is opaque after two coats. I see myself turning to this color many times this summer.

china glaze

Float On This is a classic baby doll pink…and its a neon! As soon as I saw this color I immediately had it on my nails. It applied surprisingly well for a neon and looks stunning!

china glaze

Feel the Breeze This is a gorgeous light neon pink. It dries to a matte finish without a topcoat. I am obsessed with this one! It also applied surprisingly well for a neon and was completely opaque with just two coats.

china glaze

Sea’s the Day This is a gorgeous red creme. I don’t find it to really be a summer color, but it is gorgeous nonetheless. Easy to apply and looks fabulous on nails or toes!

china glaze

Stoked to be Soaked This is a deep, bright orange with a slight gold shimmer. The application was very smooth and completely opaque.

china glaze

If in Doubt, Surf it Out This is a coral, orange creme polish. I think its perfect for the summertime on your nails or toes! The application was perfectly smooth and opaque. I would definitely pick this one up if you’re looking for a wearable orange polish.

china glaze

Sun Upon my Skin- This is a pale, bright yellow. I have already tried to wear this on my own nails and had the hardest time with application. The formula is very sheer and on my nails I would’ve needed 3 coats or a white base to really get the color pay off.

china glaze

Be More Pacific This is a yellow/green creme polish that is very subtle. The formula is on the sheer side, but I was able to get it opaque in only two coats.

china glaze

Shore Enuff This is one of my favorites of the whole collection. Its a lime neon that dries to a matte finish if you don’t use a topcoat. It was very difficult to photograph the true color so I have two here with natural light. The first picture is natural light in the shade, the second is in direct sunlight. This is a neon you can actually use without a white base!

china glaze china glaze

Overall, I am in love with this collection. Shore Enuff, Wait N’ Sea, and Float On are probably my top three picks. I think China Glaze did a great job with these colors and once again, I’m so thankful for receiving these!

I hope you all enjoyed and don’t forget to follow this blog so you don’t miss out on future collection swatches!

XX, Amy


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6 thoughts on “China Glaze Off Shore Summer 2014 Collection

  1. Hi! Is “I Sea the Point” just a plain blue or does it have a hint of purple?
    I’ve been looking for a nice cornflower blue and Sally Hansen’s Pacific Blue is still “too blue” to me (at least my bottle is). :)


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