Beauty Supply Haul

Hi guys! Today’s post is a haul from Sally Beauty Supply!

I picked up a few things and have had a few days to use each one. So I can give you guys some reviews of each product as well!

The first item is a Morracan Argan Oil body lotion.
This is from the brand Body Drench. I am OBSESSED, seriously this stuff is great! The packaging and label totally caught my eye on the shelf. The sleek shape of the bottle and the fact it is a pump, were huge pluses to me.

The scent of this lotion is also something to talk about. It lingers on your skin all throughout the day while not being too overbearing of a smell. It also makes my skin feel very moisturized and soaks in quickly once applied. Another perk is this lotion is very inexpensive! I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a good daily body lotion.

The next products I’ve picked up are from the brand One and Only. They are are the Moroccan Argan Oil Moisture Restore shampoo and conditioner.

I’ve been in the market for a salon quality shampoo for a while now since realizing how damaging drugstore shampoo can be on your hair. I didn’t know anything about this brand before picking it up so I could only cross my fingers and hope for the best. Thankfully, I’ve used these for about four washes now and I really enjoy the way it makes my hair feel.

I’ve noticed my hair is completely detangled when wet, straight out of the shower. After my hair has dried, I notice it to be shinier and healthier looking. I don’t however, see any added volume which is one of the claims of the shampoo. But overall, I am really enjoying this brand!

The last thing I picked up is a curling wand from the brand Plugged In.
I was really excited to try this out since I’ve never owned one before. In the past, I have always used a regular curling iron to wrap my hair around with a closed clamp and get the same look. So during my trip I came across a few different curling wands and thought, why don’t I own one of these?! So I decided to finally pick one up. This one in particular is a 1-inch ceramic cone wand. It came with finger gloves to protect you from burning yourself while wrapping your hair around the barrel as well. It has a temperature setting up to 400 degrees and swivel end where the cord connects which is very convenient. I have curled my hair about four times since picking this up and I’m loving the results. I use it to achieve big, loose curls and it does the trick. Overall I have been very pleased with it!

So that’s it for this haul/review from Sallys! I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to follow this blog so you don’t miss out on upcoming hauls!



6 thoughts on “Beauty Supply Haul

  1. Great post! I was browsing through your posts and I really like your blog and especially your nail art! I am clicking that follow button with pleasure. Check out my blog if you have some free time :)


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