Mani of the Day: 6/5/14

Hi lovelies!

Just wanted to share how ah-mazing my nails are growing out in this mani of the day! This is actually a huge thing for me. I’ve ALWAYS loved longer, square nails but my thin and brittle nails usually won’t let it happen. Over the past month I have had on acrylics and after I took them off, I applied gels. This allowed my natural nails underneath to get pretty long! Now that i’m down to just my natural nails i’m hoping to keep them as long and strong as I can!

Here they are! This is OPI “Barre my Soul” This is three thin coats without a topcoat. Its a very sheer but beautiful nude. Its totally a palette cleanser for me. This time of the year i’m always wearing blues and greens so its refreshing to see a good nude every now and then!




I’m currently only using a calcium treatment for them but if you all have any suggestions for keeping them strong and healthy, please comment below! :)

Thank you so much for reading! Don’t forget to like and follow for more nail goodness!

XX, Amy


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