Nail Art Sketches!

Hi lovelies!

Today’s post is about something we all love…Nail Art!

I’m the type of person who loves planning everything out. I’ve become an excellent list maker :) That being said, I also really enjoy jotting ideas down and making sketches when it comes to my career as a nail tech. Whenever I get an idea for a design I will either sketch it out or type out the details in my phone if I don’t have a pen and paper. This is perfect for me because it allows me to remember fun new designs I can try out on my clients! So now to the fun stuff!

Here are a few pages of sketches I’ve done over the past few months.
Featured image

(Doing this also lets you see how much your sketches improve over

I also use nail wheels (from Sally’s Beauty Supply) and press on nail tips to design my ideas on. This allows me to try out different colors and brushes to really perfect my designs.



Don’t get discouraged if you’re having a sketching session and things aren’t turning out quite like you see it in your head. I draw them out the best I can and sometimes write myself notes for when I actually use paint. Because for some reason I can draw/paint on nails better than paper?? I know that sounds bizarre but its the truth, hehe.


Its also a really great idea to swatch some polish colors so you can find the perfect shade for your design. This page is for a client’s wedding I’ll be doing. She wants her nails to match the minty/blue/gumdroppy.. color of her reception. I’ve done some sketches incorporating rhinestones, tips, and the blue color she wanted.

Here I have swatched some of the polishes I have to closest match her colors. Its helpful to write the names to keep everything straight :)


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to follow my blog for more nail art goodies to come! If you guys have any requests for specific nail art posts you’d like to see, let me know in the comments! Thanks again for stopping by!

XX, Amy


3 thoughts on “Nail Art Sketches!

  1. I would love to see what you use/brands you prefer and the best way to hold your wrist. Also are you better and doing other peoples nails or can you do yours just as well? :)


    1. I can pretty much do mine just as well. That’s what I started out doing before I became a nail tech :) and thank you for the request! I’ll definitely do a post on what polish brands and acrylic paints I use for art! You can also check out my Nail Art Tools post for more things I use :)


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