My Gel Removal Process

Hey guys!

As promised, here’s my process for removing gel polish! I’ll definitely have to do an updated post soon with more detailed pictures but I wanted to go ahead and get this up! The gel polish I am taking off is the black and silver manicure from my previous post. (Sorry, I forgot to get the current “before” mani picture for this post!)

Here are all the products and tools I used.

You will need aluminum foil, pure acetone, cotton, any cuticle pusher, and a file/buffer.


The first thing you’ll want to do it file off the shine from the top of your nail. This breaks up the top layer allowing the gel to breakdown quicker. Don’t go too crazy with the file, just enough that it’s not shiny anymore.

The next thing I do is take cotton balls soaked in pure acetone and press it against the nail. Then use pre-cut pieces of tin foil and wrap around the tip of your finger. This holds the cotton ball in place.


Now sit back and relax! The glorious thing about gel polish is you only have to wait five minutes for the soaking process! I also recommend only doing one hand at a time so you aren’t stuck with two tin foil hands :) I wanted to keep my glitter accent nail so I skipped that one.

Here is my mess…


You then just take off the foil and most of the layer of polish should lift right off with the cotton ball. If there is an left over still, take a cuticle pusher or orangewood stick and gently scrape it off the nail.

And there you have it! This way is so much safer for your natural nails! No damage from peeling or picking at your nails.



I hope you guys enjoyed and found this helpful in some way! I’ll definitely be posting a more in depth post when I remember to take better pictures each step of the way.

Thanks for stopping by!

XX, Amy


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