Beauty Haul!!

Hi lovelies!
I picked up a few things over the past week that I wanted to share! These are beauty related but I do have another haul I’ll be posting soon for the nail products I recently purchased! Stay tuned!❤️

The first is a Maybelline eyeshadow in Sunset Shimmer..


It was actually clearance and when I saw the colors I couldn’t resist! It’s very pigmented and has a good color pay off. This is the first “marbleized” shadow I’ve owned and I’m digging it. The only thing I will say is it can be a bit chalky on the skin.

The next two things I picked up came as a set.. Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks



Pink Sugar is on the left, Baby Pink on the right. They were packaged together and virtually the same price as one so how could I say no? I picked these colors to go with my fair skin tone. They are a sheer lipstick but the pink one is more build-able. They do have a bit of shimmer which I wasn’t completely thrilled about, but they are very smooth and easy to wear.

The last item and my FAVORITE of the haul is Jergen’s Natural Glow Moisturizer!

This baby caught my eye while shopping for another self tanner. The one I’ve currently been using is too streaky and has a strong odor. That being said, I was thrilled when I saw this one! It’s actually a daily moisturizer for your body that gradually gives you color! The selling point for me is the scent. It literally smells like buttery caramel! I couldn’t stop smelling this bottle! It also is a white lotion so you don’t have the issues of streaking and orange color like most self tanners. How perfect right?!

I’ve only used it once but it has left my skin very soft and smelling amazing! I would definitely recommend this for someone who would rather self tan than lay in beds. I’m anxious to see how long it takes for me to notice color. We shall see!

If you guys want any swatches/updates on these products or any more opinions, comment and let me know! Don’t forget to follow my blog for more nail and beauty goodies!

XX, Amy


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