Nail Art Tools

Hi guys!

I wanted to share what tools I use daily to create hand designed art. All of these tools are pretty easy to get your hands on and I’ll also show you how to customize the tools yourself using items you may already have! Who doesn’t love a little D.I.Y right? :)

So the first set of tools I can’t go without are these dotting tools. I ordered them from Amazon and they are my newest go to item. They are completely inexpensive and each tool has a different size end. So you are actually getting 10 different sized dotting tools! I’m also loving the super cute colors.

dotting tools

As you can see, I’ve demonstrated what size each tool is and the possibilities for art are endless! These are perfect for dots, flowers, hearts, etc. I’ll have another post up soon on some ideas for designs using these bad boys!dotting tools

My next go to item are brushes! (of course) These were actually in a pack my boyfriend got me from Sally’s Beauty Supply. They originally had a floral pattern handle but black is much more my taste. So I used matte black vinyl and wrapped each one so they all match! Image

Also, three of the four have been customized by me to better suit the nail art I do. I shortened the first three and also trimmed each one to make my strokes thinner. They were a little pricier than I would normally pay for brushes but they were a gift so I’m in love! They are perfect for one stroke nail art, lines, leaves of floral designs, etc.

As far as nail stripers go, the Kiss brand Nail Art Paints are my favorite of the moment! I even have a back up pack for when these babies dry up. These are the colors Black, White, and Silver Glitter. They came in a package all together and were very affordable. They are my favorite of the moment because they have the three most used colors for my nail art! They also have the best sized skinny brush in my opinion. You should definitely try these out if you haven’t already!Image

The last tool I’ve been loving right now are vinyl stickers! They are basically a sticker I have cut out to make different designs on my nails. My boyfriend actually owns a vinyl graphics company so I get all the smaller pieces of vinyl to use for my nails. The ones I have are just cut into different size strips that I apply to my nails and paint over. I them peel them off and am left with a “negative space” which is super on trend right now. You can also use the zigzag craft scissors and cut out the chevron pattern for your nails!

I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful! Nail art is one of my favorite things about being a nail tech and I’m happy to share some tools of the trade with you! Make sure to follow my blog for more posts on how I use these tools on my manicures!

XX, Amy

*this post contains affiliate links


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