Walgreens trip!

So today I went to my happy place..

Well one of them anyway, Walgreens! My boyfriend and I went to dinner and afterwards took me to one of my favorite drugstores for make up and nail polish shopping! I actually went without buying any polish (which is huge for me) since I’m holding out for my Cosmo Prof trip next week.

I did find the cutest little gems at the end of one of the isles that I thought would be PERFECT for a giveaway or special to run for my clients!


These are little compacts with nail polish remover pads inside! Each one has 25 pads and best part of all, they’re scented!! How cute is that?! They are jasmine, vanilla, raspberry, and strawberry scented. I haven’t cracked them open yet even though I’m dying to! I’m planning on giving these out to clients as apart of a special I’ll be running next week at the salon. This will hopefully bring more awareness and incentives for return business! I’m keeping a positive mindset and carrying on!

This was sort of a random post but these were too cute not to share! :)

XX, Amy


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